Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Preparing for Winter

I started these socks the week before last because I realized that this would be the best time of year to knit myself some nice warm socks for the wintertime. Then I'll have plenty of time to finish them before I truly need them.

I've been wanting some nice wool socks of my own because I always seem to be borrowing Ben's that I've made for him and wearing them, but his are too big for me and they get uncomfortable. Plus, he seems to think he's got first rights to his own socks or something.
Anyway, I'm knitting these using the KnitPicks two at once toe up magic loop pattern. So far, it's working pretty well, but there is some ambiguity about exactly where the shaping should begin and all that, so I hope they turn out the way they should. The yarn isn't from KnitPicks (though I can't wait till I've knit down some of my stash so KnitPicks and I can be together again!), it's some Patons wool that I found clearanced for two dollars per 100 gram ball at Hobby Lobby in February. Yes, this is one of the only non-cotton yarns I've bought during my yarn diet. And I bought the two balls just for this purpose, and now I'm using them for what I bought them for, two colored socks for myself. I'm having a hard time believing it, that hardly ever happens that I use yarn how I intended it!

A funny thing about the colors. When I saw them, I though, what great fall colors, a nice oak leaf sort of color and a really really pretty mustard-y yellow goldenrod color. Then I started the socks and when I got them together in the knitting I realized, Oh my Gosh! Gryffindor colors! What dorkiness! (Not to mention, I'm a Ravenclaw, heheh) But I suppose that anyone at all that would think I meant to make Gryffidor socks couldn't really make fun of me for it, because they recognized them too!

In other news, so far today I've finished more than I've done for the last few days put together. That's not braggin though, because all I did was complete my morning routine list. I've been feeling kind of listless lately and having a really hard time getting motivated. I'll blame it on hormonal-ness from last week and yesterday and just see if I can keep up this new streak of being productive. Today I have baking planned, but before that, I have to get out and mow some of the lawn before it's too hot. It's been so miserably hot and I've been so unmotivated that I only did my mowing sessions two times last week, and so I'm falling behind. So, that's the plan, mow and bake, and then I get to turn the heel on my socks and watch movies on Netflix. I'll let you know how it all turns out.

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Mrs. Mordecai said...

Go Gryffindor! I love to listen to Harry Potter on CD while I do the housework.

Julie said...

Being a Hufflepuff, I think the socks look nice and you should wear them anyway. :)

Melonie said...

I don't know if I should admit this here but I've yet to read any of them, so I have no idea what I am. I saw the first movie and that's it. LOL My mom could probably tell me as she has devoured all the books and movie versions. Kind of backwards, that.

Anyway the socks are lovely, no matter what color they are...maybe some day I will make some myself...once I figure out how to make anything more than that little bracelet. LOL

Hope your work plan works out well! Have a great day!

Amy Caroline said...

Go Gryffindor !
I am somewhere between them and Ravenclaw. Depends on the quiz!

Alison said...

this has nothing to do with this post, but I thought of you today while in at the farmer's market. They were selling Japanese Beetle traps. By the way, how's your corn doing?

Blue Castle said...

Wool socks rock. I have pretty basic knitting skills and have yet to try to learn how to make socks. I have one pair that I really love and so I will probably learn how to make them just so I can have more socks to wear. I think your socks are cute. :)

Bethany said...

I'm glad you all think the socks look good. Right now I'm a little concerned about running out of yarn before they're as long as I'd like them to be, but we'll see how that turns out.

Ali, I've read that those traps just make more Japanese Beetles come to your house because the beetles are like bees and send each other messages where good food is, and then beetles for a mile around will all come to the trap, but only like a fraction will get caught, so then they move onto your plants. That's what lots of websites say anyway.

Janet Campbell said...

Very cool! I haven't tried the magic loop method yet still working with 4 needles. I'll have to buy some circulars and give it a whirl! Looks great!

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