Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sock Progress

I won't bother with another picture because they don't look that much different, but I've turned the heel and I'm almost finished with the gussets on my socks. Then I'll start the ribbing for the calf. Does anyone know how to increase in a ribbing pattern? I'd like shaping to make them fit my ankles and calves really well.

My neighbors get back today! Yay, no more being responsible for someone else's house! I'm still planning to visit with Leeza a few times a week. I think she might get a little bored or lonely, so I think I'll see if she'll let me watch Days with her sometimes.

It rained for a day and two nights, though I think it's clear now. And everything is incredibly soggy and waterlogged and the lawn is a bit flooded. We moved the chickens up next to the house so they wouldn't be in the mud, because the yard is graded for the water to run away from the house. I can see them out the living room window, and for some reason, that really amuses me.

The garden is doing well, though it's too muddy to get out there and check too much. There's baby pumpkins and baby squashes, the beans are all getting blossoms, and I know there's pickles out there almost ready to pick! And there okra too, but I don't know how to tell when it's ready. Ali, you asked about the corn. It's standing back up, though it did get blown around a lot by the storms that just came through. And it's growing and there's none dead yet and it looks like a few are getting tassles, but it does seem to still be getting eaten a little despite the poison Ben sprayed on it. I hope that it's healthy enough to stand getting a little chewed on without dying.

The seeds we planted a couple of weeks ago have all come up pretty well, and as soon as things dry enough, we'll have to get out there and start thinning. The sunflower beds I put in on the border with the western neighbors are growing at a rapid rate. I hope they'll produce seeds before the frosts though, because they sure have a lot more growing to do before then.

My plans for the day are to finish up the gross cat soiled laundry from the neighbors, so it'll be all clean and folded for them when they get home tonight, do some of my own laundry, make bacon and cheese biscuits with scrambled egg sandwiches, work on sewing some aprons for my mom, and knit my socks some more. I got a movie from Netflix about Moses that's three hours long, so that'll be lots of progress on my socks.

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Hadias said...

I have been catching up on your posts and your gardens are turning out great. I love the socks. I wish that I could knit myself a pair. My daughter crocheted me some slippers but the stich that she used or maybe the yarn itself hurts my feet...but I love the thought.

Anyhow, I hope that your neighbors get back soon to relieve you of your duties.

Thanks for stoping by to visit me. I always love company at my blog.

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