Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thank God I'm a Country Bep(py)

Nothing too exciting today. Here are some pictures I took last night. My plans for the day are to mow and hoe for about three or four hours, shower and wash my hair and shave my legs (You know, really pamper myself with basic hygiene, lol), go over and watch Days of Our Lives with the neighbor, head back over here and knit or sew while watching Wipeout on This, to me, seems like a emminently satisfying day, and the only thing that could improve it would be to add in some baking. So I might make something yummy tonight too!

This picture illustrates why I don't think I'll be too bothered when the time comes to slaughter the chickens (in a few years after they quit laying). I thought at first that I would make friends with them and I wouldn't be able to handle cooking and eating them, but now that I've got them and I still can't really tell them apart, and I realize that it would be very hard to make friends with this face, I think it won't be impossible for me to handle. Don't get me wrong, I won't relish it, but I don't think I'll be an emotional wreck either.
That said, I do really enjoy watching the chickens while they peck and scratch. They're calming and there's just something peaceful about sitting and watching them do their thing. I think that now that I have chickens, I'll always want to have a few around.
They love the clover, so I've been moving the coop to a new patch of clover for them every day. And at noon or one, I rinse and refill their waterer and pick some of the very tall clover from our back meadow to give to them, and they love to scratch through it and eat the leaves. Fortunely our yard is more like a clover field than a lawn, so there's more than plenty of fresh clover for them.
We put up a net for these two rows of pole beans to climb. We did this on Saturday and the part in the foreground is a store bought net, and the back part of the row is lots of stakes with about four lines of garden twine run along them and tied at every stake. I really hope that this doesn't all come tumbling down once it's covered in vines and leaves and beans.
But for now, I'm just so excited by seeing the little tendrils spiral up the supports. Just like a bean stalk should.

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Julie said...

It's all fun and games until one of those little monsters pecks your ankles. LOL!

Bethany said...

Julie, your anti-chicken prejudices are clouding your judgement.

Anyway, they can't peck my ankles, they never get anywhere near my ankles. And seriously, has a chicken ever ever pecked your ankle? I mean really pecked your ankle? In real life? Not just moved it's head in a way that led your fear addled mind to believe it was going to peck your ankle? Just checking. :D

During your stay here on our Harvest Agritourism package, I think that I'll put you in charge of chicken chores to help you get over your fear.

CastoCreations said...

Chickens are scary!!! LOL

I don't want to read your blog anymore.

Wanna know why?

It makes me SO jealous! I want your life. :) I look around my house and cringe. There's so much I want to do and yet I have no time.

Oh, I don't mind my life. I just get frustrated sometimes. Obviously today is one of those times.

I do love your blog. I'm just kidding about not reading it anymore. =D

Susan said...

I grew up in NYC and now live in Hawaii. I have had chickens for a number of years and thoroughly enjoy them. I have a flock of older chickens and just got 24 chicks a month and a half ago. I love watching them explore and learn.

We name them and most of them come when called by name. They are really a lot smarter than I thought and sweet!!! They are relaxing - enjoy!!

Bethany said...

Megan, I'm glad you like my blog. I loved seeing your resin and enamel experiments! I meant to ask you how you fire your PMC if you don't have a kiln. Do you use a torch, or take it somewhere?

Susan, I feel guilty now for not being able to tell my chickens apart! But you're right about how fun they are to watch! I'm thinking about letting them free range in the evening while I sit and watch. I've got to be there in case the neighbor dogs come around, so they don't get to free range at all, just a new patch every day in their own yard. Thanks for stopping by!

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