Friday, July 25, 2008

A Very Happy Time

I just finished scrubbing out the refridgerator and was eating lunch before moving on to bleaching the kitchen sink, when I saw this picture on the little desktop slide show on my computer. It made me happy just looking at it, because even though right now I'm hot and tired and humid, and let's face it, I smell a little like a dish cloth, I got happy just thinking of this day in January and how much fun we had at DisneyWorld. So here's what I look like when I get super super excited about something, do my hair to impress Mickey and then take pictures of myself in the hotel room mirror to pass the time until I can leave for Magic Kingdom!!

So, now I'm off to finish mopping the floors and cleaning the couch and bleaching the sink, (and YES, definately take a shower when I've finished those things), but with a bit of a spring in my step, since I've been reminded to be grateful for all the excitement and joy I have in my life.

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