Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Yarn Diet is Still On

You guys are terrible enablers. Seriously, you're supposed to tell me more yarn is a good thing and yarn diets are silly to begin with. Ugh, it's just my luck to make friends with people who are sensible. ;)

Okay, I've made my order for the $5 needle and paid the $3 in shipping, ignoring the perfect excuse to buy an extra $45 worth of yarn in order to avoid paying said shipping charge. I've tried to convice Ben that the yarn is good insullation for the house, and will cut down on heating bills, but it seems like you ladies would be as hard to convince as he is.

Anyway, I've finished the gauge swatch for the Wildfoote yarn, and I'll write down the needle size and the stitch and row gauge rigth on the wrapper, then unravel the swatch and re-wind the yarn this afternoon. After that, I'm planning to start knitting another swatch. I'll just start swatching the first thing that catches my fancy, but it'll probably be another sock yarn. I have way too many sock yarns.

I mowed some of the yard and tied up the wisteria this afternoon. Using a push mower is getting me into much better shape than I have been. Sad as it is to say, I haven't felt up to running for a long while, and the other day, I ran in from the back yard because there was a heavy storm and I had to put the chickens away, and I didn't even really get out of breath. That's, like, a miracle for me.

Anyway, I've been trying to stay right on top of the mowing, mainly because it is such good exercise, and to me, is actually enjoyable and not boring and excrutiating like "exercising" is. I also weeded the garden a bit. It really needs to be hoed, but it's still to wet to do it. I've got the hamburger gravy keeping warm in the crockpot and the potatoes are all peeled and ready to be cooked and mashed when dinner time comes.

I gave the chickens the potato peelings, because I'd heard and read that they love kitchen scraps, but so far they've turned their noses up at apple peels and cores, a too soft peach with a bad spot, peach and plum peelings, carrot scrapings and beet tops. I don't know why I keep trying, I've obviously got a set of very weird and picky hens. They love clover though, so every day around noon, I pick them a big bunch of clover from the back meadow and throw it into their yard when I change out the water for fresh.

I'm really leaning towards a nap right now, and I have to say, with everything I got finished so far today, I probably won't feel even slightly abashed when I show up to finish cooking dinner with pillow creases on my face. Not even slightly abashed.

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Amy Caroline said...

Since chickens are sometimes difficult we actually gave them access to our compost pile. If they wanted it they would go in and get it. Worked great!

Melonie said...

I hope your chickens start to count their blessings and be a bit more grateful for the treats you're offering them. LOL

I'm with ya on yard work. When I mowed my own yard I found the same thing. Now in housing we've got landscapers that come through and mow the sand (yes, they mow dormant grass and sand.... and this week it all blew onto the truck my husband washed last weekend. *sigh*). BUT I'm finding that the kitchen work I'm doing is wearing me out. There's a big diff between sitting on my rump at the computer all day and being on my feet doing dishes by hand (yep, gave up on the dishwasher!) and cooking REAL food instead of the processed stuff from the old days. ;-)

Can I just share with you that I've baked a loaf of bread from scratch??? The whole time I was thinking, how would all the bloggers I "know" do this more efficiently so they can bake several loaves at a time instead of just ONE - which took me a good hour to finally get into the bowl to rise. I know it takes time to learn BUT I need tips! :-P That way I can get to sewing while the bread's a rising.

Just call me Not Quite Ma Ingalls. ha.

Hope your nap was LOVELY!

Bill said...

Hi Bethany,
Cute cats. We live about 1.5 north of Phoenix, with three dogs and two birds. I am just passing through, dropping my card, but wanted to let you know about my Beagle's blog.

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