Thursday, August 14, 2008

Columbo Says Relax.

Yesterday I hoed a large section of the garden, and mowed over the sections of the yard that had chicken litter and scratched up sections (to clean it up, so the neightbors to the west wouldn't complain about the coop having been close to their property). The green beans are about ready for their first harvesting and so are the snap peas. There will definately be more pickles ready this weekend too. The corn isn't being eaten anymore and it's all tasseled out, but there's no silk on the stalks yet. But the pumpkins and squashes have powdery mildew! I'm concerned about that, because they seem to have been doing really well, and I thought I'd get a number of pumpkins, but now I'm afraid the plants will die first. I found some advice about using baking soda or milk with molasses in water to spray on and kill the mildew. I'm going to get a sprayer this evening and one of those solutions and maybe at least get them to survive till the pumpkins that are on the vine now are ripe.

Today, I'm planning to knit and read, I've got a book from the library (1491 by Charles C. Mann) that I really want to finish reading before it's due back. I've also been watching all the episodes of America's Got Talent on YouTube. I found a clip of Terry Fator the other day, and even though I haven't ever seen the show before, I decided that it must be a pretty good show if he won. Not to mention, I want to be like Sharon Osbourne when I grow up.

I'm taking a pause on my socks, because I'm afraid I might have erred on the side of too snug so I think I have to rip back and try again. And I don't really want to right now. So I'm working on my Pi Shawl for now, since I'm in the section of 48 rows of straight knitting, and I can just knit and knit while I read. Good thing I got the hardcover version, since it stays open by it's self!

Ben's going to be home a bit early today too, so maybe we'll watch a movie or something. He was out all night last night, winning a Rock Band tournament. Yes, I do find it's better not to ask. Actually, the tournament didn't last all night, I think it was over by twelve, but he planned to sleep on Ken's couch so he wouldn't have to drive home sleepy. But he did win, which is really cool! Anyway, he's coming home early because the week long meeting will be over, and he wants to get some rest.

I'm looking forward to it, because there's just something special to me about getting to hang out and watch movies in the afternoon. It's my favorite time of day, I guess, so I love it when we do stuff together then. Reminds me of getting out of school early, maybe.

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Julie said...

Should Columbo be giving advise?....

Bethany said...

Jules, you don't think Columbo is mellow?

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