Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A busy day

I'm still not feeling well enough to be out mowing the lawn, but I've found lots of other things to keep me busy so far today. Well, actually, I do feel well enough, but Ben says I'm not allowed, and he's going to take some time this afternoon to get the back yard finished for me. Anyway, here's some random pictures and some info about my busy day.
Can you guess one of my tasks for the day? I'll have a whole separate post about how I deal with these.

Here's proof that I styled my hair some way other than a ponytail yesterday. That's sad that I feel the need to document it, but there you go. Of course, I'm right back to the ponytail again today. :D
Our friend Ken is from Georgia and he was visiting his parents this past weekend. His mom is a big organic gardener, and he brought us tons of beautiful smelling herbs! I'm planning to dehydrate the thyme, oregano, and rosemary, which you see here, but the mints and basil and parsley we'll use fresh. Actually, these trays are on the deydrator now, so the house smells like prime herbage.
A note about my dehydrator. I'm using a Mr. Coffee Dehydrator I got at Goodwill for $5. When I saw it, I snapped it right up, because we used to have one when we first got married, but it burned out, and I missed it a lot. So keep your eyes open at the thrift stores if you're looking for one!
Here's one of the ears of corn. The corn just got it's ears in the last two weeks, so we're not dealing with corn yet, but I'm definately looking forward to it! Also, you can see my weed problem in this picture. Yes, I'm kind of ashamed.
Ripening Opalkas! I'm really looking forward to making some tomato sauce next week.
And here is my travel knitting project. I piqued Amy's curiosity with a picture of this earlier this week, and I told her I'd post details. This is an Elizabeth Zimmerman Pi Shawl. The pattern is in The Knitter's Almanac. I'm doing the most basic version. I started this in January, though I think it's the project for July in the book. She says it's great travel knitting, and it most definately is. You don't have to carry a pattern or remember much, because it's really just tons and tons of straight knitting. It's a little hard to photograph because the needle gathers the edges up, but that's another reason it's great travel knitting, because with the edges gathered all around, it's like a bag to hold it's own ball of yarn. In the end, it'll be a round shawl with concentric circles of eyelets in it. I use a row counter as my round marker, so then I just have to turn the little dial each round, and I don't even have to keep track of where I am on paper or anything. The yarn is wool, nylon, and angora from a sweater that I picked up at the Goodwill when we lived in AZ and unravelled. It's about lace-weight. Maybe slightly heavier, but no where near fingering thickness. I didn't dye the yarn, this is the color the sweater was. I do have a lot of little balls of it because it kept breaking when I was taking the sweater apart, so there will be lots of joins in my shawl.

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Lidian said...

I love Elizabeth Zimmermann (though am not a very good knitter, my DD is really good though) - and I loved the Pi Shawl in the book. Yours is gorgeous, you are really talented.

Amy said...

I have been hearing so much about that book lately! I put it on my wishlist for Book Mooch, but I have a feeling that is one book that is rarely put up!
It is lovely!
Oh and it is summer, ponytails are what it is all about! Seriously, it is about all I can handle this time of year too! I tried to keep my hair down the other day and I got so hot it was in a ponytail within a coupld hours, lol.

Bethany said...

Thank you, Lidian.

Amy, it's a pretty good book. There's some interesting patterns, but in general it's also a good read. If you're boring like I am and enjoy reading about other people's knitting. ;) If you ever listen to the KnitPicks Podcast, Kelley talks about knitting her way through the book. She started a yahoo group for it last year.

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