Monday, August 04, 2008

A Day in the Garden

On Saturday, we got up early and got out into the garden to do some much needed weeding and hoeing. It wasn't too hot yet, and with both of us working we were finished within an hour or so. It was good to get it done, since it had been too wet all week to get out there, and the weeds were going a bit crazy.
The pie pumpkin plants have about 7 or 8 pumkins among them. This is the one that's farthest along so far. I can't wait to start freezing puree!
Here's me behind the corn. Don't I look like some kind of farmer? It's probably not the best look for me, but Ben wanted to show how tall the corn is.
Here's Ben's arty evocotive picture of a bean blossom. I think he should enter it in the State Fair art show. Anyway, the beans are all blossoming really well, and I'm hoping for a good harvest from them.
There were a number of pickles ready to pick, and since Ben wanted to can this weekend (one of his favorite hobbies, if you can believe it), he picked a couple more that were just about ready to have enough to do pickles. So, the radishes were our first harvest, but here's the first thing our garden's produced that I'm interested in. But I didn't get to eat any fresh! He needed all of them for the recipe. I'll be staking out the cumcumber rows for the next one. That one I get to eat fresh.
Here's the finished product: Dill Slices. He put whole jalapeno peppers (also from the garden!) into a couple of the jars to see if he'd get spicy dill slices. Now I've got a canning mess to clean up in my kitchen this morning, but he's pretty happy and proud, so it seems worth it.

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Julie said...

That might be the most evocotive bean picture I've ever seen!

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Great pictures! I love seeing your canning . . . it's so rewarding.

Melonie said...

It all looks amazing. Congrats on your canned goodies. :-)

CastoCreations said...

ROFL You guys are just rocking!!! I'm so impressed with how much you are saving in growing and canning your own food. I wish hubby and I could also do this. I've asked to make a part of the yard into a small garden but no go so far. Maybe I'll ask to do potatoes in a whiskey barrel next year. :) Although I have no idea how to do such a thing. lol

Bethany said...

You ladies are so nice. I'm glad you like the pictures. I didn't know canning pictures are so popular. I'll have to post some of the radish relish. Now that turned out really pretty!

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