Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I've got weeds

Yes, the garden is terribly weed bound. Being away and then both of us being sick has left it un-hoed and unattended for three weeks now. Not that we were being super diligent about it before that anyway. But that's not really the main problem. It's really more of a symptom of my problem right now.
Summer seems to have flown by, and usually I'd be glad for that, since I do not do well in high heat. This summer though, I feel like I've been missing out on things. My garden went in so late, I didn't put up any berries or jams, etc, etc. But in addition to those physical things, I've been having this scary feeling of wasting time. When I was younger, it was fun to waste time, just hanging out, but now it seems like I'd better get on the ball, because there's not all that much time left to be young (and dreams were made and used and wasted... I know, drama queen much?).
I suppose I'm just feeling frustrated because I had planned to lose weight this summer, while it would be easier for me, since there's built in exercise with the summer outdoor work and it's not too cold to be out doing things, but instead I've stayed the same weight the whole time. I'd like to say, but I worked out, so I'm healthier, but I'm afraid that's not really very true. I spent July moping around because I was hot and tired, and now I feel like I've spent August on the couch being sick.
I'm all about solutions here at BeppyCat & Co. though. I know that when I go through a season of being down, it's impossible to find one final solution to banish the depression, but there are everyday things I can do to build myself up and keep from backsliding too far into couch potato puddledom. And my steps for today will be:
Wash my hair and style it nicely, not just put it wet into another ponytail.
Prepare and eat my lunch as planned, do not fall back on a bag of crackers. Add in some veggies from the garden.
Sweep the entire house!
Listen to a fun cd, like Queen or Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
Knit! Do not sit down unless I'm knitting at the same time. (I've been disappointed in my productivity, tending to just zone out, when I could be getting something done. For today, it's not as much about the knitting as it is about the feeling of accomplishment.)
Get every dish washed, leave no canning pot behind! (My husband is genetically unable to completely finish washing any dishes, especially those he's dirtied himself.)
Of course, I'd like to get outside and hoe the garden and mow the lawn, but I really am still sick and haven't even finished my antibiotics yet. I definately do not want to deal with this for any longer than necessary, so I've got to be careful about not just sending myself back to the dr.
Does anyone else have any tried and true motivational tips? What do you do on the days it's hard to get moving, or things don't seem worth the trouble?

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Amy said...

I am so sorry you aren't feeling well. I have been feeling the same way lately, not feeling like I am doing enough.
I found one thing that helps me is to get right to work when I wake up. If I put things off too long it just makes it harder to start, so if I start right off I tend to keep going all day.
Just don't forget to get better!! Don't do too much and end up sick for longer!

Molly said...

I really hope you feel better soon! But don't be too hard on yourself. . .

I pray for energy and strength to do the things I need to do. When I remember to do that, it does happen. Although I may not do everything I want to get done, I always manage to do things I NEED to get done. Hope that makes sense.

I think with all the rain and then nice weather fall is going to be really beautiful around here. Maybe plan a weekend drive up the Great River Road. . .it motivates me to have something like that to look forward to.

Sending you hugs and healing thoughts (and a package, TODAY!)

Bethany said...

Thanks guys! I am feeling much better today. I guess I was being hard on myself, and, even if I deserve it, that's not exactly productive.

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