Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Pound Cake Solution

The pound cake I made yesterday to thank my neighbors for their help while we were away had a little snag. I baked it in a bundt pan, and I was planning to serve it whole on a platter with strawberry sauce in a dish in the center of the cake, with the entire thing sprinkled in powdered sugar. But the cake got stuck, and a lot of the edges and points broke off when I tried to remove it from the pan! I don't know if I let it cool too long (twenty minutes as per the recipe) or if the pan just wasn't greased well at those points to begin with, but I felt like I couldn't really give a broken cake.

I generally wouldn't give a sliced cake either, but it was rather a rich cake with a number of expensive ingredients (five eggs, half a pound of butter, a cup of milk, plus more sugar than a double batch of cookies and as much flour as a loaf of bread), so I definately wasn't going to start over again and make another one. Because of this, I decided to slice the cake and arranged the slices in a ring around the strawberry sauce.

I think this was a good solution. Perhaps not as elegant or generous as a full cake, but still a good token of thanks, plus Ben was happy because we ended up getting to keep about half the cake! I got 32 pieces from one cake, so even though it's a rich recipe, it goes really far.

I've never made a pound cake before, so I turned to the stand-by and used the recipe from the Betty Crocker cookbook that was a gift from my in-laws when Ben and I got married. It's the special bridal version, and I can't think of a better heirloom to have, it's so useful, pretty and special to me.


When placing a glass dish on a glass platter, as I have here, wet a paper towel or paper napkin, squeeze it out and fold it to size. Then use that to cusion the two pieces and avoid slipping and sliding.

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Blue Castle said...

That's a great way to salvage a not-so-perfect cake. It looks nice, and everything's all ready to eat. I'd say you did great. :)

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Great idea! Mine get stuck all too often.

By the way, the Betty Crocker recipe is the one I use and I've had so many compliments on it. I like to add some nutmeg for flavor.

Flo said...

I think the cake looks fabulous and would love to recieve as a gift (hint, hint :)

Love the tip about the paper towel. I can't believe I never thought of that. DOH!!!

Molly said...

at my mom's restaurant they used to make an bundt cake that stuck alot and they would dip the cooled cake in a big bowl of super hot water before turning it out. . .never tried it with a pound cake but it might work.

Bethany said...

Thank ladies! Molly, I'll have to bear that in mind if I have a cake get stuck again. Thanks for the tip.

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