Saturday, August 30, 2008


This morning we went to town and did our grocery shopping and picked up materials to make an extension for the chicken coop. We've been concerned that they need more room to range, and we can't let them loose in the yard because of the neighbor dogs, so we're making a bigger enclosure to attach to the coop. Our friend Ken is coming tomorrow to help Ben put it together, and have dinner with us.
So right now I'm heading to the kitchen to put together a lasagna for tomorrow's dinner. We'll also have salad, no knead bread, and I'm going to make a no egg cake too. Ben's outside mowing the lawn right now, so things seem fairly quiet and calm right now. I'm looking forward to spending sometime in the kitchen baking, it always makes me feel so happy and calm.
The garden is doing fairly well. The cucumbers are just about finished, but I think I might get another couple pounds of green beans, and the tomatoes are really starting to ripen now. We've also finally got some pepper plants doing their thing. And I've got two carving pumpkins on the vine right now, so as long as all goes well, we'll have our jack o'lantern pumpkins for Halloween.
Our grocery shopping pretty much came out exactly with the last of the monthly grocery budget (remember, we're doing that all cash thing, now?). I thought that was pretty cool. There was about fifty cents left when we finished. I have to admit, I did use money from that envelope to eat out a couple of times, so really, if I get more disciplined about that, we might even be able to cut the grocery budget. Plus, we planned for two weeks this time, because we probably won't get to the store next weekend.
Anyway, I'd better get to work on that lasagna and yummy chocolate cake, I just wanted to check in. Hope everyone else is having a great holiday weekend!

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Blue Castle said...

Your lasagna sonds good. Glad you get a break from mowing, too. :)

I have a blog award waiting for you on my blog.

CastoCreations said...

What is no knead bread???

I've done several new cooking experiments (for me at least) and hubby has been enjoying it. He doesn't "love" my spaghetti casserole but I LOVE it. But he did love my mac and cheese (homemade). I've never made it without a box before. LOL I would love to learn how to make my own pasta someday too.

How do you pre-make lasagna? Do you cook the noodles ahead of time?

Bethany said...

Hi Meagan! I'm glad you've been enjoying your cooking experiments! Homemade mac and cheese is sooo good, isn't it?
I posted the recipe for the bread here:
It's super yummy. We call is "special bread", it's that good.

For the lasagna, I cook the noodles and put the whole thing together just like normal. If we're eating it that day, it goes righ into the oven, but if I want it for a day later on, I just put foil on it and put it in the fridge, then bake it when we want it. When I make lasagna, I usually end up with two square ones, and a few mini ones in my pyrex custard dishes from one box of noodles. I wrap these in plastic wrap and then foil and then freeze them. When we want one, I'll let it thaw in the fridge for a day, and then bake like usual. The little ones thaw okay in the microwave for more instant kind of meals. Here's a post with a picture of a lasagna making day:

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