Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Sewing Day

Today I spent the day in my sewing room, working on aprons my mom requested. The bottom one is a dish towel apron, then a plain navy blue work apron, and the striped apron on top. And yes, that's matching homemade bias tape on the striped one. Yes, I love my mommy a lot.
I also started taking apart a pair of shorts to use as a pattern for more. I love these shorts so much, but I've had them so long I have no idea when I got them, they're sort of smell-stained, and they're practically in shreds. I loved my shorts to death. Anyway, I'm hoping to make at least one new pair of them, but also try a longer, less sporty version as well, for wearing out in public. So far, ripping the serged commercial seams is a big pain, so I only got about halfway through before I decided to finish sewing the aprons.
My tendinitis is acting up again, and my wrist keeps hurting everytime I forget and lean on my hand to get up or something. Unfortunately, my braces tend to cause more pain (in my fingers and thumb joints), so it doesn't seem worth wearing one unless my wrist gets really painful. I'm really hoping it's better by the end of the week, because we're planning a trip, and I want to knit on the plane!

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Amy Caroline said...

Hey me too! I was sewing up flannel baby wipes! I also was doing a little fixing to a sling my MIL made for the boy. It was way too big, lol. I am making friends with sewing machine. The nice thing about sewing is the projects get done a lot faster that knitting!!
Sorry about your wrist. I hope it feels better really soon.

Koen & Claire said...

I love this blog so much, all the things I like, sewing, knitting, baking, the aprons look fab as did the custard pie!
Keep it up!

Bethany said...

amy, i'm glad you got to have some relaxing sewing time!

thanks for the kind words, i'm glad you're enjoying my blog!

CastoCreations said...

I love those! They'd make great doggy treat / training aprons. lol Lots of folks at agility wear something similar where they stuff their doggy treats. :)

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