Monday, August 18, 2008

The Weekend

The makings of mint tea for Ben to sooth his throat. My mint is growing like crazy. I've found a plant even I can't kill!

Ben was pretty sick all weekend, so we stayed home and he rested. But I did pick the green beans and more cucumbers. I blanched and froze the green beans, and we started on the process of some kosher dill spears. Yesterday, Ben slept a lot of the morning, because his cough had kept him up most of the night, so I mowed the lawn and then in the afternoon, I mixed up a batch of chocolate chip cookies and froze them in cookie dough balls.

I've got lots of plans for today. I've got to bake muffins for this week's breakfasts. I'm planning applesauce muffins. There's always more mowing, and I think I'll pick more green beans and cukes. I've got to do some grocery shopping, and the kosher spears will be ready to pack and can this afternoon. There's some random cleaning to do and some correspondence/emailing to catch up on, and I've also decided that I'm making it a goal to knit at least one round on my shawl every day, and if I can manage to do that, I'll have it finished by the end of Oct.

We do have to fix the wheel on the chicken coop, since the tire came of the rim from the mud while we were gone. It's so not classy to have a chicken coop sitting on the rims in the yard. That's even worse than having an El Camino sitting on the rims in your yard, right? Anyway, I'm putting Ben in charge of getting that fixed, but the neighbor did offer to come lift it up with his tractor for us so it shouldn't be to hard to get fixed.

I think that's about all I've got planned for today, but I get the feeling Ben might have passed that bug right back to me, because I have a nagging sore throat this morning. But the nights have been cool lately, so maybe it'll pass once I've been up for a while. I'll just have to see how it goes, because I feel like I've been resting too much for a few weeks now, feeling tired and all. The heat in July wore me out, but I've realized that whether I rest or not, I'm still tired, so I might as well try to get more done, so at least then I won't feel behind too.

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Julie said...

I think you have a bigger jar of Waibel's honey than I do!

Alison said...

Hmm... Waibel's honey? Where on earth could you have possible gotten that?

Bethany said...

Well Julie, you get to see Waibel's a lot more often! I have to stock up.

You can probably tell by the crystals in the jar that it's been around forever. I think we bought two 2lb jars two or three years ago. That's what's left. I really should try to bake with it more.

Oh Ali, there's this quaintest little town with the cutest mouse statue in MI, and just outside of that town, around the corner from a superfun family, lives another supernice family who raises bees and sells the honey. You really must visit sometime. ;)

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