Monday, August 11, 2008

We're Back!

Well, I'm back home this morning, and I'm so thanking last week Wednesday past me for cleaning the house before we left, because it still looks pretty good. If only I could go back in time and talk past me into weeding the garden.

Yep, the chickens are scratching and the garden is the messiest mess of weeds there is, I have an ear/throat infection or cold of some sort, and I think I need a vacation from my vacation. BUT, the neighbors mowed the lawn for us! And the house is standing, the cats are fed and happy, I got a ton of yarn at the Stitch n Pitch Tigers game we went to before we flew out, and I'm home again to a fairly clean house. So things are good.

My brother's surprise party on Saturday went really well. Ben told him he wanted to take him golfing, and then while they were out there, the whole party gathered in the clubhouse. When they came back up after the ninth hole, the waitress asked them if they could help her move somethings, and then when he came in, it was a big surprise. He didn't suspect a thing either, and it was a very nice party. Not too big a deal, but good to see lots of my family, and have some pizza.

Other than the game and the party, we were only there for Friday, and that day we pretty much spent hanging out with my parents. Ben helped my mom can some yellow snap beans on Saturday morning, and I think he enjoyed that. On Friday we went to Clare and stocked up on some bread flour and rolled oats and spices at Amish prices. The airlines must think I'm the craziest person ever, with twenty-five pounds of bread flour in my luggage.

I got to play this game called Ladder Ball with Adam and Donna. That was really fun, and it turns out I'm super good at it. Ben and I think we might have to buy a set. That was pretty much all I got to visit with Donna. I'll have to call her sometime this week and see if she had fun at the game. They went early and got to meet some of the players and stuff. I think that was totally cool, but I don't really know baseball, and ma was more interested in the yarn, so we didn't bother. On Saturday, for lunch, Ma and Dad and Adam and Ben and I went to a place called Cliff's in Sterling that has the yummiest pizza ever, and Adam did karioke. He did really well, and sang El Paso by Marty Robbins.

Today, I'm planning to bake the neighbors a pound cake with berries and whipped cream to thank them for helping us out and taking care of everything while we were gone. Especially mowing the lawn! That was kind of them, since I definately would have had a hard time with the push mower, as long as it must have gotten. And now it's all even again!

Anyway, I won't have to mow the lawn, but I am going to bake a pound cake and some bread for the week. And I've got plenty of laundry to do (from the trip. Luckily, past me really pulled through and finished all the other laundry before we left last week). Also, there's always the mess of the garden to try to tame and figure out. I have no idea how I'm ever going to weed it now, especially the grass growing through the straw in the pumpkin and squash areas. Gardening definately has a learning curve to it, and I'm totally learning that weeding isn't just an unimportant chore. It matters a lot to a garden, and it isn't anything that has an easy way out. But since I'm not feeling top notch, I might as well give it one more day. It won't matter, as bad as it is, and maybe if I don't over do it today, I can keep from actually getting sick. Good news is that my wrist is feeling better now, so hopefully that won't flair up and slow me down for a good long while again.

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Alison said...

It sounds like you had a really good time and it also sounds like you really like pizza.

Blue Castle said...

Glad you had a fun trip! My MIL just introduced my kids to ladder ball. It's a fun game. :)

Bethany said...

Ali, I love pizza with an undying passion. It may not be a healthy love, but it's a happy one.

It totally is a fun game! I got three three point scores in one turn. That's what makes me the master now. My family was impressed considering that usually I'm the least coordinated and athletic of all of us.

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