Wednesday, September 24, 2008

BeppyCat Acres This Morning

I've been wanting to name our little homestead, like Tara or Twelve Oaks, but I haven't yet come up with anything very appropriate. Maybe I'd better plant some more trees, so I can have something to name the place after.

I wanted to post some recent pictures of the chickens, since they're so big and grown up now. They don't hold still very well in the morning, because they're so happy to be out in the open again, I think. Not that chickens hold still any time of day.

So the pictures aren't exactly clear. But you can see how well they've grown and how their markings look.

I think they're really pretty birds, all cream and brown and red. They're always a bit agitated when they see us though. My dad says that's because they always get treats when they see us, so they're calling us.

This morning they got an armful of clover.

They loved getting the pumpkin and squash guts on Monday.
They love to perch on the board at the end of the wooden part of their yard. Which makes me think I'll have to scrub it and re-paint it at least once or twice a year. They're not exactly clean animals.
We're convinced that they clover is a big part of what makes they're eggs so good. They love it, and never even touch their crumbles if they have enough clover to eat. It's too bad there's not a way to keep the clover for them over the winter. If it weren't so mixed in with the woody kinds of weeds in the back, I'd consider cutting the back meadow and letting it dry.
The extension yard that Ben made is a bit cobbled together and messy looking for now. But he's planning to add some short sides to the wooden part to block those spaces, and I'm going to work on making a tarp to replace the blankets soon. The blankets are there because there are kind of big spaces at the top of the pen that the chickens like to try to fly through. I'll make the tarp to make a sort of roof over the pvc and bungee at the corners down to the bottom of the pen. I just need one more empty feed bag to have enough.

I'm also planning to work out a flap on the side of the pen so it'll be easier to get the feeder and water in and out. Right now, we have to unstake the pvc section and move it altogether in order to get inside the pen for anything. I picked up some boat cover snaps a couple of weeks ago when Joann's had notions on sale, but I'm still trying to work out the details of my plan. Finishing those will be first on the list for after all the apples and tomatoes have been dealt with, so maybe next week, I'll be sewing tarps.

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Julie said...

Yeah, I think everything would be easier if there were a few more trees and more fog. :) It's like in Anne of Green Gables. Everything is much more romantic because of the fog. So, does you house have an odd colored appendage (like green gable), like "Pink Fence"? Then you could be Beppy of Pink Fence. :) Not quite as picturesque as Tarra or Twelve Oaks. Hmmmm... I'm going to have to think more about that one.

Blue Castle said...

I love naming houses. But I still haven't come up with a suitable one for our haouse - after almost 5 years too.

BeppyCat Acres sounded kind of cute. :)

Melonie said...

I wonder if there's something "crafty" that could be blended in there...since you obviously always have a project going. Crafty Acres? Nah, that sounds kinda like you're plotting something nefarious in a CareBears movie. LOL

Hmmmmm.... have to think. I'm with blue castle - I love naming houses. I've been known to name vehicles too. (I used to have a Dodge Colt that I called "Vinnie" because it came with only one side mirror - a la Vincent Van Gogh. heehee)

My uncle and aunt used to live in a home called The Pheasantry... maybe something gloriously chickenly for your 'stead.....

CastoCreations said...

Those chickens are incredible. How do you move them around without letting them out???

And I thought chickens couldn't fly? How do they get out?

Do you guys eat eggs all the time? I can only see having chickens to lay eggs if we really worked on eating eggs somehow all the time. I wouldn't want any to go to waste.

I really enjoy reading your blog. It's relaxing and makes me want to live more simply. And do things like cook! I have a WHOLE chicken defrosting. I'm a little nervous but my plan is to put it in the crock pot to cook to make broth - including sliced onions and carrots and a bay leaf (according to my MIL this will give flavor). then I'll use some chicken for enchiladas or something and the rest for chicken noodle soup.

Of course...I'm sure you'd do something super fancy but this is a start right? :)

Alison said...

BeppyCat Acres reminds me too much of Deer Acres. Did I ever tell you how I was once nearly devoured by an alligator at Deer Acres and am now terrified of that place?

Bethany said...

Thanks for your ideas. I guess I'm going to have to add some identifying landmarks to the place, because Big Flat Rectangle House isn't really that catchy.

Megan, I think that sounds like a great plan for your chicken! We do eat about a dozen eggs a week, and that leave a dozen to sell, and a dozen or so to share with the neighbors (or sell if we get another customer, lol).

Ali, I think I remember something about that. Because I remember being surprised, because when I saw that aligator, he was about dead, and I didn't think he could move. But I guess he wanted you because he's an Ali-Gator. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Alison said...

yes. All alligators are automatically drawn to gals named Alison. There was a bit of alliteration in there, Mr. Pryce would be proud... but probably not.

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