Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall Cleaning is Almost Complete

Yesterday I mowed quite a bit of the lawn and then cleaned all the flower beds in front of the house, to get the outside looking nice. There's still a bit more weeding to do along the drive way, but the house is more welcoming now with the path to the front door no longer overgrown.

I picked up all the rugs and moved all the furniture and swept and mopped the rest of the floors today, as well as wiping down and cleaning all the cabinet doors and fronts. I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel of my fall deep cleaning project. I have to do the guest bathroom tomorrow, washing the fixtures and walls, that sort of thing, and then next week I'll move on to cleaning the carpet on the stairs and in Ben's office upstairs. After that, I think I'll be almost finished, except for heavy duty dusting of everything, like picture frames, and tops of door frames and such. I'm debating about washing all the windows. I just don't usually do windows, lol. I also am deciding whether I want to empty the cupboards and cabinets and pantry and change the shelf paper and re-organize. At the moment, I'd say no. But that's just because I'm tired from all the floor polishing this morning.

My driving practice is continuing. For now, I've just been going along the back roads, and I figure I'll keep that up till I'm really comfortable with operating the car and don't feel panic-y when I have to drive it. Today I took a drive past a farm not far from here with lots of animals, like emu's and things. They were out feeding the cows bread (the farmers, not the emus). That made me laugh, because it looked like one of the cows had a sandwich in it's mouth, looking up at me.

The neighbors to the back brought their little girl over to look at the chickens this afternoon. She was really excited about them, which I thought was sweet. She just kept looking at them and saying they were cute. I found that funny too, because that's about the last word I'd use for them. They're pretty, but not exactly cute at all.

Adam bought tickets to come visit me! He'll be here at the end of October, and I'm pretty excited to have my little brother around for Halloween. Even though he doesn't really like it, I think he'll humor me and go along with my pumpkin carving and eating off of ghost plates.

There are a million butterflies around right now. They flutter everywhere all around where ever I walk. It's like I'm a disney heroine, with the butterflies floating along in my wake. They're really pretty, and not all the same either, there's monarchs, and yellow ones, and bright blues ones too. The neighbors said their little boy would be excited to seem them all becauase he loves bugs. I told them I had some beautiful tomato hornworms that he was welcome to come and find.

I've got another full day planned for tomorrow. We're making whole wheat bagels for sandwiches for our company on Saturday. Plus a plain loaf of bread, and pie crusts so they'll be ready for pie filling after we've done our processing and we can have fresh apple pie. I'm planning to serve a sort of make your own sandwich bar with deli meats and cheese and different bread choices for lunch. That way, I can prepare everything ahead of time, and will just have to pull out the trays when we get hungry, and not worry about cooking. I'll try to remember to take pictures and let you all know how it goes.

This afternoon, I'm working on embroidering my "Fall" banner. I've been trying to get to it since, last week, and I worked straight all morning just to insure I'd have my work done and could set aside a couple of hours to embroider. I've got it all hooped and ready to go, with the colors picked out, so I can get right to work while I listen to "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" that I just downloaded from the libraries audiobooks. I hope all of you have something lovely in your afternoons as well!

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Alison said...

He doesn't like Halloween? I thought my mom was the only one who didn't like it. It is my favorite!!!

Julie said...

LOLOLOL! I'd LOVE to be like a Disney heroine! If I could pick, I think I'd be Cinderella, because she had fabulous shoes, in fact they were so awesome that only on person in the whole country had the same pair. Pretty freaking cool.

Kathy said...

I enjoyed reading about your autumn housework. I have to get busy too!

Would you be interested in a link exchange with my newest blog? It sure could use a little link-love to get up and running and your blog seems to be a somewhat similar niche.

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