Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Our First Dinner of Our Own Eggs!

Yesterday was a pretty full day for me. I started out washing and seasoning all of our cast iron pans and skillets, and then set up a loaf of bread to bake in the bread machine. After that, I headed for the bathrooms to scrub them top to bottom. It took me all morning to thoroughly clean the master bathroom, but it's so nice in there again, and the big whirlpool tub is clean and disinfected and ready to use. It went really quickly though, since I was listening to a book on my mp3 player.

We had omelets made with our own eggs and with veggies from the garden for dinner. That was a very satisfactory kind of meal.

My Gleaned Grapes 9-9-08

The exciting thing that happened yesterday involves grapes. I posted a request on Freecycle for apples or fruit that people weren't planning to use, and a woman replied that her mom had some grape vines she wasn't planning to pick, and I could have the grapes! Then her mom ended up picking them for me and bringing them to the house, since I'm not far from her daughter and she was going to visit her anyway! I'm very grateful, even if I don't get anymore answers to my request. I'm guessing there's probably ten pounds of grapes here!

So, it's plain what my project for the day will be. I'm trying a new kind of pectin with my grapes today. Pomona's Pectin is a product that gels with calcium instead of sugar, so you can make no sugar added jams and jellies. Or use honey, etc. I'll be winging it a bit, because I want to make Grape Jam and the recipes listed are for jelly or butter, but I'm pretty sure I can do the grape butter recipe without the extra spices and get jam.

I also have a meeting of the homemakers' club today, so I'll be splitting my jam making into two parts. This morning I'll clean and sort the grapes, wash them, and cook them down. Then this afternoon I'll run them through the strainer, make the jam and can them.

There are also many ripe tomatoes waiting on the kitchen table (we had to run out and rescue them from the hail Monday night), so they will become tomorrow's project, when there will be a few more ripe ones on the vines to get added in.

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Julie said...

Just one question: How do you cut your bread-maker bread so evenly??

Alissa said...

That's what I was wondering too! That's the first thing I thought when I saw that picture...I wonder if she has a bread slicer! lol

Bethany said...

You guys are so funny! It's not really so even as you'd think, check out the bigger version. But I just slice it with the bread knife, so I suppose the answer to the question is "lots of practice". You should see Ben's slicing skills if you're impressed by that loaf. I did that one, and he's about a million times better than I am. Maybe I should enter a competition? :D

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