Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Leftovers

I've wasted my computer time reading other blogs this morning, and I have a dr's appt. that I have to get ready for, so this won't be a long post. Here are some highlights from the weekend:
  • Found apple sellers at the farmers' market who will sell me seconds for $10 a bushel to make sauce and pie filling-arranged to get them next week
  • Huge rainstorm of leftover Ike flooded the yard, but the water's gone down a lot... everything's just squishy and musty now
  • Three Eggs in One Day!
  • Sunflowers are blooming, hoping for seeds to roast
  • Corn is a terrible undersized wormy mess. I've given up on eating it, but the chickens love it.
  • The weeds have pretty much officially taken over the garden, and I'll be happy just to save my tomatoes.
  • We saw The House Bunny. It was pretty funny.
  • Mucked out the chicken house Sat. It was easier than I'd have thought.
  • Having an apple preserving party with our friends Ken and Beth this weekend... Lots of cleaning to do to have a presentable kitchen before then!
  • Tendonitis flaring up. Totally sucks. Kept me from making bagels yesterday, since I can't knead.
  • Loving the cooler temperatures, but Ben thinks we might have to ripen the tomatoes inside if they keep up.
  • I'll post the menu plan for this week later on.
  • Just hit my time limit, have to go get ready!

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1 comment:

Caroline said...

gosh, you've been busy. I love sunflowers, I have no garden, so just have to enjoy other peoples sunflowers :).

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