Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Learning to Drive

My neighbor called me this morning because she had had to call the ambulance for her mother. She's got a sore on her leg that bleeds, and she couldn't get it stopped. They came out and dressed it and she's got an appointment to see a specialist for it tomorrow. So, any prayers for her are appreciated.

But (not to sound like I'm selfish, because this is in addition to my concern for my neighbor) I realized more than ever that I really have to re-learn to drive and get comfortable driving. Because the whole reason they needed me was to follow the ambulance and bring her home if the took her to the ER (which they didn't), since her daughter had to be at work. And I seriously did not want to. Not one little bit. It's gotten to the point where I pretty much panic at the thought of driving a car anywhere. And that's just not good. And it definately doesn't follow in with my goals of being a useful capable person. I'm just completely unsure of how to get over this fear and learn to drive with confidence.

So, other than figuring out how to start driving lessons and overcome automobile related panic attacks, I've got other plans for the day too. The ladies who gave me the free grapes last week got some free apples from their neighbors and passed the extras on to me, so I'll be peeling them and cooking them down for apple sauce today. There's should be about enough for a quart. I don't know if I'll bother processing it, or just put it right into the fridge for immediate eating. It doesn't really seem worth bringing the giant pot to a boil for just one jar of applesauce, especially since we don't have any in the fridge right now.
I'm also hoping to get the living room floor completely swept and mopped. As in, "move all the furniture and clean the baseboards" swept and mopped. Yesterday I scrubbed down the oven and stove top and microwave and sink. I've been trying to get some deep cleaning finished one big job at a time. It's a chilly day, and scrubbing floors will definately keep me warmed up.
I'm also planning to head back over to the neighbor's this afternoon to watch Days of Our Lives with her and check on her to make sure she hasn't started bleeding again. Her daughter will be back home at four, and her son in law leaves for work at eleven, so it'll be good timing if I spend an hour or so with her at two.
There was a squishy egg in the box this morning. I think one of the youngest chickens is just starting laying, and the shell didn't develop. Or, if that keeps happening, they need more oyster shell for calcium. But they get layer feed and we give them oyster shell once a week, plus I've been tossing the egg shells back in for them, so I'm leaning toward the undeveloped pullet egg explanation.
I'd like to get some knitting done, but the tendonitis is still bugging me. My doctor pretty much just suggested ibuprofen and not moving it as the cure. I'm not really happy with that, but I suppose if there's nothing they can do to fix it, I don't want them doing things just to make me happy.
I guess I'm just feeling sort of off today, and no wonder, with the way my day started. Plus, I've been feeling slightly odd and unmotivated lately, I think it's mostly because I'm super sleepy, and I think that's because the dose on my synthroid may be off. I'm hoping that getting a good amount of work in this morning, then visiting with my neighbor and assuring myself that she's okay, and then resting this afternoon before Ben gets home will be the combination I need to feel better.

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Mrs. Mordecai said...

I'm so sorry about your tendonitis! I've had big problems with it in the past from playing my violin, and the only long-term solution I have found is modifying my lifestyle to change or eliminate the pain-causing activities.

For example, in high school I was playing my violin 2-4 hours a day, very intensely. I tried to change the way I play, but that actually took years. What made me better was a combination of the change and also just playing less (no music major for me).

I also started to notice that I tense up my hands during random activities when I shouldn't need to, like driving or cooking.

Taking painkillers helps with the pain but they also give you false confidence. When I am on painkillers for my knee arthritis, I have to be extra careful with my hands because I could overdo it easily and not have the pain to tell me that I did.

The medicine is great for getting swelling down, though, and taking it for a few days can sometimes fix the problem, as long as I'm careful to rest my hands while I'm on it.

Sorry for the unsolicited advice! I'm really bad about that. But I feel your pain and I hope you're able to get feeling better!

Alison said...

I haven't driven in 4 or 5 years. I was going to rent a car for when I go to Michigan but frankly, I am scared. I used to be a good driver and I loved driving. Now I'm scared. I guess that is the downside of living somewhere with great public transportation.

Bethany said...

Mrs. Modecai, I appreciate your input, and thanks so much for sharing your story with tedonitis. I've been frustrated too much by it, I suppose and have to learn not to be so easily discouraged. I guess I'll have to figure out what it is that I'm doing that causes the flare ups and try my best to cut back on doing that. Whatever it is, lol.

Ali, I guess that's what happened to me... in college I never drove, so it got easier and easier not to. Except I was never a good driver! I'm pretty sure you probably remember that.

Alison said...

How could I forget?

Bethany said...

Bam! You remember.

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