Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Reward

I've finished my week of big projects, and now that that has come to an end, I get a reward. Today our friends Ken and Beth are coming over to process apples with us! I'm pretty excited to be getting my hands on three bushels of apples as well. Next will will probably be full of apple posts.

I set up lunch as a sandwich buffet sort of thing so that I could do everything ahead of time and there wouldn't be any cooking mess in the kitchen while we were making the pie filling and all. I'll post pictures tomorrow or Monday of how I prepared it all.

Ben picked beets and turnips to roast yesterday, so the harvest tally got another big jump. I'm sure you're enjoying that, right Julie?

We've been getting four normal sized eggs a day for the last number of days, and started giving them out to the neighbors yesterday.

Yesterday we planted quite a few flowers and things that a friend from the homemakers' club gave me. She'd given me a rose of sharon in the spring, but it got mowed a time or two, and wasn't coming back, and she had a bigger one she needed to pull out, so we went over and dug it up and put it in place of the dead one. She also had some flowers that are pink that she called forever flowers that she needed to divide, so she gave us some of those. I think it's the same thing my mom calls a live-forever-never-die. I put them by the fences at either side of the end of the driveway.

When I walked out the door to put out the mail yesterday morning, I walked full on into a spider web that had been built stretching all the way across the doorway from the top to about a third of the way down. UGH! I got a face full of web. I'm pretty sure when a spider makes a web like that, they've moved on to the "most dangerous game". It looked about big enough to catch me!

Ben took yesterday off from work and did lots of yard work and random repairs around the house. He wanted to till in some of the sections of the garden, but the ground is still decidedly muddy from all that leftover hurricane rain we got last Sunday. So he pulled all the weeds in the dog run and trimmed the wisteria instead. It looks so good now that he's done that!

In case anyone's wondering, yesterday's deep cleaning projects for the fall cleaning push were to vaccum the entire couch and all of the cushions really well, and wash down the walls and fixtures and clean in the guest bathroom.

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Alison said...

ooh, I love beets! I love them raw, so good!

Ivory Soap said...

I'm so glad you dropped on me. I LOVE this site. I added you to my blog roll.

Julie said...

Holy cow! Your harvest counter is off the charts!

Julie said...

What have you done with 39 eggs?

Bethany said...

Ali, don't they stain your mouth really bad if you eat them raw? I have to admit, they're a bit too "earthy" for me, but I'm working on liking more veggies and Ben loves them!

Julie, we mostly gave them away, to Beth and Ken, and to my friend who gave me all the plants last week, and to the neighbors to the back whose little girl thinks the chickens are cute, though this morning for breakfast I made crepes and we're having omelets for dinner. I'm planning to learn to make frittata. :P

I wish I'd thought of it sooner, but next year we're going to see if we can't barter some eggs for the apples!

Alison said...

no, they don't stain your mouth. Well, they don't stain MY mouth, I have no idea how your mouth would react. It took me years to enjoy beets, so maybe your time has yet to come.

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