Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Split rail fence at the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace Memorial National Park
April, 2008

Yesterday morning I woke up and after doing my regular morning routine chores went into the dining room to get more apples to wash and cut up to make sauce. And there were ants!! They must have come in with the apples, and then they were attracted to the sweetness of the apple juice from the peeler. I was so grossed out by the ants that I put a pause to every other activity and wiped down the table and chairs and all the legs with bleach water, and mopped with bleach water. Of course, the apples are waiting for me on the porch now, in case that's where the ants came from. I haven't seen any ants in the house since, so I hope that it worked to keep them from infesting.

Anyway, after I did that, I got the slow cookers going full of apples for sauce, but they weren't soft enough till after dinner, so I just put them in the fridge and I'm planning to strain and can them today. I also have twelve pounds of tomatoes to strain and can as well. We had storms yesterday, so I brought in all the ripe tomatoes before they could get blown off the plants. I'd planned to do tomato sauce yesterday, but wanted the apples and tomatoes to be ready at the same time, so I wouldn't have to boil the big pot twice.

So, instead of canning, I mixed up a double batch of chocolate chip cookie dough and froze it in the dough balls for quick snacks and desserts, like when company comes by, and for when Adam visits at the end of Oct. This makes homemade cookies soooo simple. I just use the dough scoop and scoop all the dough onto a big wax paper lined sheet pan. Then I put it in the freezer till they're all hard, and put them all into a big freezer bag for storage. I've found that this is much easier for me than trying to make logs or squares of frozen dough to cut apart later.

I did a lot of laundry yesterday as well, and in between folding and hanging, I knit quite a bit, finishing a couple dishcloths. I've been making dishcloths for Julie and I'm pretty much done with those. Actually, I've already made plenty of them, it's just that the OCD part of me doesn't want to stop until both balls of yarn are entirely gone. I'm hoping to finish the last one today.

I watched some episodes of a new-to-me show yesterday called Jericho. It was on a year or two back on CBS and got cancelled, but they've put it on netflix instant viewer, so I decided to check it out. It's interesting. It's a doomsday senario, town split off from the rest of the world, sort of story. I had to laugh though, because it's toward the end of summer at the beginning of the show, and they're all talking about where the food will come from, and how to ration the corn crop. And I'm like, plant something? Like greens, or turnips? How come no one's putting in a garden? lol, I know it's just tv, but I can tell you that would be one of my first reactions. That, and to buy all the rice and flour and sugar and beans I could find. Instead, everyone's eating velveeta and wheat thins.
So, that's the latest news around here. Not exactly thrilling, but I'm not exactly a thrill seeker. Today I'd like to can the applesauce and the tomato sauce, sew in all the ends on these many new dishcloths I've made, and maybe start another batch of applesauce going in the slowcookers. I also have to remember to put beans to soak for tonights Red Beans with Rice. Maybe if I find the time after those things, I'll work on my Fall embroidered banner, or get out the fall and Halloween decorations and decorate the house. It's practically October now, so I can decorate without feeling too early!

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Amy said...

If the ants come back head down and get some... oh how do you spell it... Taro? Anyway, it is great! Gets rid of them right away.

Alison said...

I just made a big batch of chocolate chip cookies, too! They are (well... WERE) so good.

I like that fence.

I was going to comment on something else but I have completely forgotten.

Melonie said...

we love jericho....it was on before we moved to ca but we didn't watch it....then ended up renting the first season from blockbuster and ended up having to go BUY it.... we couldn't turn it off!

Bethany said...

Amy, so far so good with the ants. I'm pretty sure I caught on before they took up permanent residence. Now I just have to finish off the last bushel of apples waiting on the porch before more outdoor type problems get them first.

Ali, mine turned out pretty good as well. That's why I freeze the dough, because if I baked them all, I'd eat twenty at a time. I loved that fence. It's not anything special, but it just looked so cool, zigzagging away like that.

Melonie, it's really growing on me! I do really enjoy disaster/survival genre things, so it's right up my alley. I watched three or four more episodes yesterday. I took the computer right to the kitchen counter with me so I could watch while I canned, lol.

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