Thursday, October 23, 2008

Softly, Deftly...

Well, I guess when I have calm slow days, my blog definately does as well. I finished the typing gloves yesterday, and they're all wrapped up and ready for Christmas. I did send in a picture to post with my phone, but it hasn't shown up yet. I didn't realize, I thought I'd posted for yesterday. Oh well, maybe I'll resend it tomorrow. Not that they second one looks at all different than the first one.

Other than knitting, I've just been doing basic housework, and telling myself that I really should work on the machine embroidery for that quilt. But I've been a little slow this week, because of homonal issues. It's funny how that always ends up making me sick with headaches and flu symptoms, not with cramps or whatever else. So I figure letting it go for a few days is much better than spending every afternoon and evening with sewing machine noise based migraines.

I did start another knitting project, a wool vest for Ben. It's a bit ambitious, because my gauge seems tiny (7.5 st per in) and it's just going to be plain colored in plain stockinette, so it'll probably feel like it's taking forever. But I do enjoy a good plain knitting project, and maybe I'll add a cable to the center for a little interest. Though I'll definately check with him first, because I have to make sure he'd still be willing to wear it. Boys are so picky!

We moved the chicken coop today. Since we built the extension, it's been a bit of a pain to move around, because there's lots of taking apart and unstaking so we've been doing it about once a week. That's bee working pretty well for us, and I think it's good for the chickens too, becasue just as they've got all the grass trampled and scratched up, we move them to a new spot. We've been putting them on the giant patches of clover too, which they love to eat. Also, we bring them treats everyday, like extra clover pulled up from the long section, or old tomatoes, or the soft pumpkins, or leftovers, like bread or egg yolks from hard boiled eggs, or wilty greens. They do miss the days of wine and roses when I would give them the all the cooked down peelings and mush from straining the applesauce, but we can't always live so well, right?

We've to plastic sheets down to kill the grass for another couple of garden spots. One, we put off the back deck in the shape of a circle to make an herb garden, and the other is on the other side of the back yard from the big garden, for a pumpkin and pop corn patch. You have to try to seperate pop corn from sweet corn or they'll cross, and the same goes for pumpkins and squash from the same families. So, when the grass is dead, in another week or so, we'll till them both up, add a bunch of manure and till that in, and then put them to bed with a big thick layer of straw, that will be tilled in in the spring. Putting the big garden to bed will be done pretty much the same way. I just have to go ask the neighbors in the back who have horses if I can have their manure. I don't think they'd mind, because they don't have a garden. They seem like the type who'd buy chemical fertilizers even though they have the manure anyway.

So, what am I planning for today? More knitting, and maybe reading some of my library books, so I don't have to renew them, again. For dinner, I'm trying an experiment. I'm going to use this idea from Tammy's Recipes, but fill the rolls with ham and cheese. I'm not sure if I'll use pizza sauce too, or maybe garlic butter, or maybe no sauce. I'll just consult with Ben and see what he thinks sounds good.

I also have to make some more crackers. It's ridiculous, but I'm hooked on those homemade crackers. I've made them like three times since the first time, and I think I like them even better than saltines. Which is saying a lot. And with the cheese spread, they're even better than ritz. And might even top cheez-its. As you can see, I'm cracker crazy, so if I like those homemade ones, you know they're good.

The problem with the homemade crackers though, is that they take me quite a while to bake. In order to get the dough thin enough, I roll out a fourth of it at a time, so that's four pans baking for 15 - 20 minutes each. I'm thinking about just doubling the recipe, so that there's at least a week or two worth of crackers, but that would be eight trays of crackers baking for so long. I'd have the oven on for a couple of hours at least. Then again, we haven't turned the heat on yet, and it is kind of chilly in the house (62), so maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing to have the oven on that long. It would certainly warm up the kitchen.

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Anonymous said...

you've been busy! I am so looking forward to trying out the crackers you're talking about. Last time I tried to make them they were more like cookies! Gak! But the kids ate them all the same! LOL!

Bethany said...

I think you'll love that recipe that I posted. They turn out great. I use a third whole wheat, a third corn meal, and a third all-purpose flour, but I'm sure the taste and texture would vary depending on the flours, so you could really easily adjust.

I've found that rolling them out really thin is important, so I just roll a quarter of the dough at a time to make it a bit easier to work with. You also want to make sure that they bake long enough. I wait till the outside ones are dark brown, to make sure that they're all baked well. They're not very good if they're not all crispy all the way through.

Have fun! I'm sure your kids will like them, they seem like such good kids who are willing to eat good foods!

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