Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Decorations

I had a very busy day today! We finally finished processing all the apples yesterday, so I put away all the slow cookers and gave the kitchen a thorough cleaning. I also made a new batch of laundry soap (and this one turned out a million times better than the first! I'm excited about it), and baked an Angel Food Cake. I had to borrow a tube pan from one of the ladies in the homemakers' club, because I've never made an angel food cake before. It was lots of fun, and I think it turned out well. Right now it's hanging upside down in the kitchen.

I also got out the Fall and Halloween decorations. Here are some pictures of my efforts.

Feel free to steal the ideas, if you'd like to do some homemade decorations of your own. I know I probably did. I made the pumpkins last year just before we moved. They're just a knitted tube of ribbing (5x1 I think), with both ends gathered and then stuffed. The stems are just green i-cord, with crocheted spirals for the vines. Some have the yarn doubled, and some are a single strand. A few I used a couple stitches from the stem to the bottom to give them that fat flattened pumpkin shape, and a few I left tall.

As for Halloween decorations, I don't really have very many. I did put plastic spiders in different places on the Indian corn I have hanging on our door. Maybe I should make a felt bat garland or a spooky silhouette sort of thing sometime. But then again, maybe it's better to have multi-purpose, Halloween/into fall/into Thanksgiving sort of decorations? What do you all think?

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Blue Castle said...

Cute pumpkins! Your garland is great too. Very fallish. :)

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I love your decorations! Looking at all the houses in my neighborhood who go all out makes me want to do something. I'm not into skeletons and graveyards, but I'm thinking fall is the way to go! Too bad I only own two fall-themed decorations. I guess I should get crafting!

Julie said...

I love your pumpkins

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