Monday, October 27, 2008

Miscellanea from My Homestead

This past weekend was a very fun, but full, one. We went to a St. Louis Blues game on Saturday evening, and that was quite cool. I hadn't watched hockey for a very long time, and it's always much more exciting live. Plus the seats (they were a givaway from Ben's work that our friend Ken got, and we went with him and our friend Beth) were really super nice ones, where the vendors would come around and just hand out the drinks and food, because it was included in the ticket. Pretty cool, I'd say. I felt like a real Diamond Jim. (Is it sad that that's my idea of great wealth? lol)

Yesterday Ken and Beth came over for a BYOP Pumpkin Carving Party. I served chili with fixin's and cornbread in a buffet style, with pumpkin pie for dessert. I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture of my buffet, since I used Halloween and pumpkin fabric to decorate and plastic spiders everywhere. I think there's a picture on Ben's phone of what lunch it's self looked like, because I served the cheese slices in cut out shapes. I'll see about getting from his phone to my blog. It all was pretty cute. The pumpkin carving was fun too, and we got a five gallon bucket full of pumpkin guts and seeds for the chickens. They love pumpkin guts and seeds.

So that was our weekend, and today I have a dr's appt just to follow up on my synthroid dosage and such. I'm planning what should get done to be ready for brother Adam's visit. He gets here on Wed night! And we're debating going to pick up our new Christmas tv today if we can borrow the neighbor's truck. I'm pretty excited about the tv, because I'm going to be able to hook the computer to it and watch all the stuff I like to watch online, on it.

Here are some pictures from the last week or so of some of the things I've been up to...

These are the fabrics that I'm using in the quilt that I'm making for Ben's brother for Christmas. It's going to be Mystery Science Theater themed, with a quote and other things. It's a kind of big project, so I should probably try to get the machine embroidery finished before Adam gets here, so I can work on the hand embroidered parts during the week that Adam's visiting.

In the spirit of Halloween: Ghost Onions!
Actually, we picked these up at an Amish farm that Julie and Brian took us to visit last weekend. We got a 26 lb. box for $10 and $.38 a lb seems like a pretty good deal for nice big sweet onions like these.
I've seen people use this storage trick with nylons before, but I don't have any around, so I sewed some long tubes of cheese cloth and we just tied a knot between each onion. They're hanging in the upstairs storage area, where they'll be dry and cool.

I just slipped the top knot of each row into the slot on these hanger for easy hanging, and for easy access to untie the knots and get the onions out. I could cut the fabric and take them from the bottom, but Ben thought the knots might untie without the tension of other onions below them. Plus, if we leave them whole, we can use them next year too.

Here is the apple themed present I made and put together for Julie. It was especially appropriate, since she just got a new job as a teacher. :) I've included our own homemade applesauce, spiced apples, dried apple rings, and apple jelly. There's also a scrapbook-style recipe for Applesauce Muffins, and a microplane style nutmeg grater with some whole nutmegs. I also included the dishcloths that she had requested that I make for her, because they matched so well! I packed it all with the tissue paper in a basket that I got a while back on sale somewhere for gift giving. The was all tied up in a red cellophane bag. The jars are, of course, regular canning jars, and I added some seasonal fabric squares under the rings to decorate them. The dried apple rings are in a repurposed jelly jar. I painted the lid red to match with regular spray paint.
Spray painting the lid for the recycled jar gave me a great idea! I could get some of that chalkboard spray paint and paint the lids of all my saved repurposed jars... that way, I could label them with chalk, then wipe them off and change the label when the contents change. I think that would be really cute. And would work better than post-it notes, which is what I tend to use right now. I'd love to know how this works out, if anyone decides to try it.

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Marion said...

Morning Bethany, I love your idea of tying everthing into such a cute theme. I am planning gift baskets for my three sisters-in-law for Christmas and I welcome any fun ideas. :) Have a great day.

Bethany said...

Thanks Marion! You might like to read this article I've written about gift baskets:

And here's an article by a different author that I thought was really great:

Hope you find those helpful!

Julie said...

Wow! That's quite a stack of fabric!

Alison said...

We used to go to hockey games all the time when we lived in Toledo. We always got free tickets from Cindy's ex-husband and they were the greatest seats! It was always so fun.

That's a really cute gift basket for Julie and yes, very fitting since she's a teacher. It's like putting a shiny red apple on her desk, only much better. You're such the teacher's pet!

Bethany said...

Jules, fun colors, right? I want to make myself some jammie pants out of that cute spaceship stuff, but I wouldn't pay so much for jammie pants, lol.

Ali, you know me, I've always been such a teacher's pet.

Remember when we used to think up fun stuff to yell at soccer games, like, "Make 'em bleed!" Well, the hockey fans pretty much were like that, but serious. I was intimidated by them. :D

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