Thursday, October 02, 2008

My Afternoon

Yesterday, I rested because of that annoying stomach bug I had. I'm feeling completely recovered today, so I'm glad I had the opportunity to just let it run its course. It's so frustrating sometimes how easily I seem to get sick! I pick up every virus or whatever that crosses my path. It's not like I even get out much! Anyway, it was only for a day or two, so I'll be glad I didn't catch something worse.

While I rested, I knit quite a lot. I finished the three dishcloths in the photo. These are for my mom, because she absolutely loves fall and autumn colors. Notice the huge ball of Sugar n Cream. It's a twelve ounce ball! I'll admit, I bought it mostly for the novelty factor, but also because I knew my mom would love the colors, and I do too. I also bought another skein this size that's a pretty golden yellow, which is pretty much her favorite color. I got all the ends sewn in on the dishcloths for Julie as well, and they're all set for her. Of course, I'm mean, and I'm going to make her wait a couple of weeks till we go visit her.

This morning I got my slow cookers going early, and they're all working away in the kitchen cooking up another big batch of apple sauce. The dehydrator is going as well, and I'm practically finished with all of the apple canning! There's a few more pounds left, and I think that on Saturday, Ben and I will make those into canned pie filling. I've never canned pie filling before, just frozen it, and we're interested in whether we'll like the results as well. Ben's concerned that it might turn out too sweet and mushy. To which I reply, "sounds perfect."

Since I have an hour or two before the apples are soft enough to go through the strainer for the applesauce, I'm going to knit and read for a little while, and then head back into the kitchen to process and can the apples. After that, I might go visit the neighbor, since I assume I'm probably not contagious anymore. But if I'm too hot and tired after the canning to be good company, I'll probably knit again until dinner time.

I'm on a dishcloth kick, and can't seem to be stopped. Sometimes, I won't even want to make another dishcloth, but I'll feel like I have got to finish knitting the entire ball of yarn. I have dishcloth OCD. Maybe someone with my condition shouldn't be buying such large balls of dishcloth cotton!

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Blue Castle said...

Dishcloth cotton can be very addicting. I bought tons of it when it was on sale a few months back, and have quite a stash of it. But, yet, I found myself buying more a couple weeks ago. It's a sickness, I tell ya. :)

Molly said...

bethany, I made canned pie filling two years ago in a burst of productivity. I used my grandma's recipe and it was yummy. I even gave some as gifts at Christmas. You don't cook the apples in her recipe and they weren't mushy when I opened them to use at all.

I bet it smells good at your house right now!

I bought some of those big cotton skeins in the past too, but I went to Michaels yesterday and they didn't have them. They said they were "seasonal"?!?!? I was super upset. . .does your craft store have them?

glad you are feeling better!

Ivory Soap said...

I'm almost ready for my washcloth addiction. I know it will happen once I get going. I think I'm stalled by the yarn. I have TONS of yarn in the attic and I feel like I need to use that before I do anything else and I *think* washcloths can't be made out of acrylic...or maybe I"m just being OCD too.

CastoCreations said...

Those are beautiful! =)

So...I guess you'd consider Red Heart not such a good brand of yarn??? I don't know how to knit but I do crochet.

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