Thursday, October 30, 2008

New TV, Visiting Brother, Halloween Plans

We bought a new tv as our Christmas present to each other this year. We decided to get it early, so we could have people over for scary Halloween movies tomorrow night. We went and picked it up yesterday, but driving a Kia Spectra sure does complicate things! We ended up renting a cargo van from Enterprise in order to get the tv home. But that still cost less than what Best Buy charges for delivery and we got it the same day!

After getting the television home, we picked Adam up at the airport. He's going to be visiting till next week Wed. It'll be a busy time, but really fun to have him here for a while. Today he and I are going to set up the new tv and get the computer hooked up to it. We might also bake some cookies for Halloween.

I'm very excited to get to watch movies and things from the computer on a big television. Without television service (anntennas don't work here, cable isn't available, and we won't pay for satelite), the computer and dvd's are the main way we watch television and movies.

For Halloween tomorrow, we're going to watch Monster Squad and Sleepy Hollow, and maybe Halloween. We're inviting Ken and Beth over, and Adam will be here. Plus, it's Pizza Night! So it'll be a pretty good time all in all, I'm sure. I do have a few things to get ready for that today, like preparing pizza toppings and making other snacks, because tomorrow we'll be out most of the day. Ben's taking the day off, and we'll be going into St. Louis to take Adam to the aquarium. Like I said, a busy time!

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Alison said...

why doesn't Adam keep a blog anymore? Or does he and now it's a secret blog? I can't keep up with his life if I can't read about it.

CastoCreations said...

That sounds like a LOT of fun! Hubby and I are staying home and handing out candy. =)

Bethany said...

I don't think he keeps any blog, not even a secret one. I'm not sure why... because he's too busy? I'll tell him he has to email you.

We live too far out in nowhere to get trick or treaters! I wish I could have handed out candy, I love seeing all the kids in their costumes.

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