Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Baking for the Holiday

I've been having a great day all morning, baking up a storm for tomorrow's feast. I started with roasting a pumpkin for the pie.

You may think that my little decorations look burned, but I'm going with "carmelized". That's obviously just some carmelization.

And here's a nice apple pie, doing it's impression of a sand dollar. I'm not sure why my vent cuts opened up like that, but I'm liking it.

And a batch of molasses cookies, for snacking, of course. And also for the neighbors.
I have these really cute autumn treat bags that I picked up on clearance at some point, so I did up a nice little package for the cookies. No one was home when I went over to deliver them, so I just hooked them behind the door.
Still to do today are the cranberry sauce and tonight's dinner of oven fried chicken drumsticks. Ben tried to trick me into making sticky buns, by telling me we'd need them for breakfast tomorrow, but I told him he could eat the apple pie for breakfast. I mean, sticky buns have 3/4 of a pound of butter in them... someone has to watch out for our health. :)

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Alison said...

I made almost everything yesterday and a little on Tuesday. That leaves me very little to do today :)

It's 10:00am and Andy already wants to eat. I guess he wants Thanksgiving breakfast. Apparently we are accustomed to eating our Thanksgiving meals at very different times of the day.

Bethany said...

Ali, Ben always wants Thanksgiving in the evening at sixish, but I'm working him around to my way of thinking, and we have the big dinner around one or two. He saw the light the first year I did that, and then we got to head right into the leftovers for dinner.

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