Saturday, November 08, 2008

Catnip Harvest

I got all the catnip cut and brought in yesterday, because I figured we're in for a hard freeze soon, and I didn't want it all to die. Here it is hung for drying.

This started out as just a leggy little baby plant, and it got so lush and big. It was by far my most successful herb.

And here is Smudge-bear waiting for some catnip treat.

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Abigailina said...

nice... hey check out my blog @ I have a rabbit so they (the cats) probably wouldn't get along! lol later!

Marion said...

Awesome yield...I think your cats are adorable.

Bethany said...

Abigailina, I keep wanting to get a rabbit, but my husband says the cats would fight with it and probably kill it, so I shouldn't. Which I understand, but the bunnies are so soft and cute!

Marion, thanks, they think so too. It's the only service they provide around here, and I still love them, so they must be doing something right.

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