Saturday, November 01, 2008

City Museum and Halloween!

The City Museum and World Aquarium in St. Louis are so cool! It's this museum made up of salvaged things from around the city, and there's tunnels and warrens and places to climb and crawl all over the place. We enjoyed the aquarium a lot too, and they have lots of cool animals to look at, and some you can touch too. They had these crazy fish that wanted to suck at your fingers. It was crazy and mushy feeling.

Here's Ben trapped in one of the tanks. They even had a tunnel through the shark tank you could crawl though.

Someone threw away this perfectly good raccoon! His sign says they take him for walks a few times a day.

Here's Adam climbing around in the kid-sized tunnels and such. I told him if he got stuck, I was leaving him.

Ben's pumpkins. Yes, that's a small jack o'lantern being eaten by the bigger one. That's his favorite pumpkin carving trick.

Here I am dressed up for Halloween! Can you guess what I was?

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Julie said...

A 1950's house wife?? Awesome outfit!

Alison said...

I think this is the second time I've had to ask you this but... are you wearing anything under your apron because it doesn't look like it. So... my guess is slutty housewife, lol.

Bethany said...

Jules, I'm glad you guessed! I was worried it was too obscure. Anyway, it's like "Beppy in her natural habitat", lol.

Ali, I think what you're thinking is my apron is really my blue halter dress... and then I have the white organza apron on over top of that. So, yeah, I'm just wearing underwear under my dress... but it is a whole dress, not open in the back, lol.

I wouldn't dress up as a sexy anything with my brother and Ken around, I don't think. That would just seem weird.

Alison said...

I gotcha. I thought it was all one thing, so now that makes more sense. :)

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