Wednesday, November 12, 2008


City Museum, St. Louis, MO

I'm feeling very easily distracted this morning. I'm sure that's because I just spent an hour or so reading blogs and looking at Associated Content articles. Sometimes I just don't focus well, but luckily I'm not a rocket surgeon, and I'm not really in a line of work that requires utmost concentration.

I wrote two article ysterday morning, and I'm planning to write at least one this morning before I turn off the computer and start on something else. I don't why I didn't realize before, but one of the best things about AC is the fact that the more articles you have published, the more the performance payments will add up each month. And since lots of my articles have to do with the holidays and gift giving, they earned more than five dollars in the month of October. That might not seem like much, but that was for writing I did a year ago, and it's way more than Google Ads or Project Wonderful accrue. So, writing more doesn't just earn me up front payments now, it also will increase that monthly payment.

Another nice thing about AC is the function that allows others to leave comments on the articles. Sometimes people can be harsh, like the slams in my wedding cake article, but as a whole, I really enjoy getting the comments and discussing articles with people. (BTW, I haven't responded or blocked those comments, because I won't respond to critism with censorship or fighting. I usually only delete useless or spam comments from any articles or blogs.) I really enjoyed reading all the discussion on my article about cooking turkey in the slow cooker.

So, the "other things" I'm headed off to do after I write this morning's article include finishing the embroidery panel for Dan's quilt. I'm serious! If I don't post pictures of that finished panel tomorrow, you all get to yell at me and call me names. And while the embroidery machine works, I'm planning to cut out pajama pants for Ben and get all the serging done on them, which will just leave the flies and hems to finish on the sewing machine when it's finished being an embroidery machine. Every Christmas time, I realize why people buy non-convertible embroidery machines... that's the time of year I always want the embroidery working, while I'm sewing something else. Any other time, it seems like too much of a luxury to have separate machines.

Okay, I'm promising finished project (or at least great progress) pictures tomorrow. Because I seriously can't handle being called names. :)

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Alison said...

I'm a bit disappointed. I had you pegged all wrong, I was totally going to ask if you would perform surgery on my rocket. Now I know better.

Bethany said...

I'm afraid I'm just not smart enough for that. Not doing homework has made me a lot less sharp than in high school. I should practice some algebra, it would improve my concentration.

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