Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Leftovers Day!

Ben and I roasted our first turkey! We do turkey every year, but usally, we just make a turkey breast in the slowcooker, so it was fun trying to do it the "real" way. Yep, that's a canning rack. We don't have a roasting rack, but the canning rack worked perfectly. I don't think I'll bother with a roasting rack.

Today we're going to be working on Christmas projects. Ben's got his secret project going on in the garage, and I'm wanting to finish up Dan's quilt. I also made Ben pick out some wool yarn at Michaels last week for a hat and gloves that won't clash with his winter coat. Like his black hat and gray gloves do. He picked a really pretty blue that I can't wait to knit with, and that will make his eyes look so pretty. I wonder if that's why he picked it... because he knows it's "his color". Anyway, I'm thinking I'll put the neverending vest on pause (why did I think it'd be a good idea to knit him a vest on size four needles? ugh) and start the hat.

Hope everyone else is having a relaxed and productive holiday weekend!

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Mary said...

Wow!! Size 4 needles!! That would take a long time to knit.

Bethany said...

I know! I'm insane! I just wanted to use this yarn from my stash, so I started it without really thinking how long a men's extra-large vest will take on such small needles! I keep singing the "Neverending Story" song about it, but Ben thinks I'm just being melodramatic.

BTW, I'm so impressed with your three pairs of socks at once! You are a master!

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