Monday, November 10, 2008

Keeping Warm Cheaply: Corn Bags

Last month, I was talking about Christmas gifts and I wrote that I'd like to get Ben (and myself as well) a hot water bottle since we keep the temps so low in the house all winter. One of my readers, Holly, suggested those microwavable bags instead, since I wouldn't have to worry about wet sheet from leaks or anything like that. Well, Holly is a genius.

I found instructions here that are very thorough and informative, since the lady who wrote it looked into using the microwave heated bags for patients at a hospital, and so did lots of research and thinking while preparing her page.

Anyway, I whipped some up out of scraps of flannel from Dan's (my BIL) quilt that I'm making, and they're so warm and nice to have. The heat seems to last most of the night under the blankets when we tuck them down by our feet. I'm addicted to microwaved corn warmth. I told Ben that I'll be making us full body microwave corn suits for Christmas. Probably not, but perhaps some nice footwarmers or little pocket sized hand warming ones.

Maybe I'm crazy, but I'd actually prefer to keep the heat quite low and warm up my toes and lap with this sort of heat, but not only to save money. Also, because I'm usually very uncomfortable and hot in the artificial heat from our central heating system. I seem to overheat easily, but when it's slightly chilly in the house, and I'm toasty from a throw on my lap and the corn bag on my feet, it's easy to cool off if I feel too hot.

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Tom said...

There are some really funky hot water bottles at smart gift solutions.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I LOVE corn bags! I just whipped up a couple this fall as soon as the weather turned cold. Sometimes, even if I don't turn the heat down low, it's the only way I can get my poor feet warm!

I agree, a cool house with a nice warm corn bag and a cup of hot chocolate is much nicer than a really warm one.

Blue Castle said...

Looks like you found the link I did. I love those cornbags! They keep me sane while we try to keep the furnace low.

Bethany said...

I guess I'm late to the corn bag bandwagon, but I'm a total convert now!

Alison said...

I have made those with buckwheat before and they turned out nicely. I didn't make them to keep warm, I made them to put on sore muscles. It's was a lot cheaper than buying those sold in stores.

Bethany said...

Alicat, have you ever put them in the freezer for cold packs? I read that works really well too, for when you should ice injuries.

How does the buckwheat smell when it's warm? The corn kind of smells like... boiled corn. I was hoping for a popcorn scent, but it's way more a leftover sweet corn water kind of smell.

Alison said...

they smelled like... well, buckwheat. I supposed you could add something like lavender oil which is supposed to be calming and could possibly mask the odor of the corn or buckwheat. Then again, it may just combine to make an even odder smell!

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