Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Menu for 11-16 to 11-22

Leftovers all day... we had lots of this and that odds and ends to eat in the fridge

B: Applesauce Muffins
L: More leftovers
D: Steak with potatoes and green beans (We go the steak at Aldi (a box in the frozen foods), and though the quality was all right, it was flavor injected with a solution or something, and we didn't care for either the flavor or the thought of whatever was in there. I can't wait till the annual Omaha Steaks gift from Ben's work to get here!)

B: Pumpkin Bread and Yogurt
L: Quesadillas (Fried Rice from the Freezer for Ben)
D: Beans and Rice (This is a really great, simple, tasty recipe. Super cheap, and I love how filling and savory it is. I cut it in half for the two of us, and it makes enough for dinner for us both and one lunch.)

B: Breakfast Burritos
L: Leftover Beans and Rice for Ben and Baked Potato for me
D: Butternut Soup with a small side of pasta and garlic bread (Because I'm congenitally unable to eat soup as a full meal.)

B: Breakfast Burritos
L: Leftover Pasta
D: Veggie Omelets

B: Crepes
L: Grilled Ham and Cheese
D: Homemade Pizza Night!
(I just realized that this is a pretty cheese heavy day... I might have to revise a bit.)

B: Cereal
L: Leftover Pizza
D: Clean Fridge and Finish Leftovers... if none, Baked Potato Bar

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Julie said...

Pumpkin Bread... yummmmmmm!.....

Bethany said...

There's gonna be a lot of pumpkin bread at our house this winter. We bought quite a few pie pumpkins because we found a great deal. If I thought it'd keep in the mail, I'd send you guys some bread.

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