Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Applique

I finished stitching down the applique yesterday, and when Ben got home, we decided on the rest of the design, so I'm thinking I might be able to finish the entire quilt top today. For now, here are pictures of the shadow applique.

I did this applique by using that heat n bond stuff. We enlarged the design onto the paper backing, and then I cut it out and ironed it down. Since the entire piece gets flipped over after the cutting, you have to remember to reverse your design.

After I ironed it down, I stitched around the entire edge with a medium zigzag stitch.

A person could use a shorter stitch and outline the design with satin stitching, but I didn't do that for a few reasons. It's easier and faster to use the longer stitch, and if you make any small mistakes, they blend in better because the zigzag has a sort of spiky, deconstructed look to begin with.

I'm pretty excited to get going on the rest of it, and see how it all comes together this afternoon.

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Contrariwise said...

That is a riot! What a great idea.

Sharkeysday said...

Awesome, I LOVE it!

Lynne said...

Very cool! My husband loved Mystery Science Theater, is it still on?
I've been using a blanket stitch on my applique. I also like using the longer stitch. I tried shortening the stitch and it looked horrible.

Tomato Lady said...

Very cool. Can't wait to see the finished product!

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