Monday, November 17, 2008

The Next Stage

Over the weekend, Ben and I worked on some projects. He's got a super-secret Christmas project in the works, and I kept up work on Dan's MST3K quilt. We used the projector thingie to enlarge the shadow design of the guys.

It proved to be a very straight forward process. I ironed the heatbond stuff to the fabric, used thumbtacks to hang the fabric on the wall, and then lined up the projection in sections by moving the ironing board where the projector sat to the correct positions. I'm pretty glad with the way it's turned out.

I've got it all cut out, and today I'll work on getting it appliqued to the background. I'm going back and forth on whether to use the machine or do the applique stitching by hand, but I think that in the interest of time and producing a very durable finished product, I'll use the machine. I think I'll save the hand stitching for any quilting I decide to put in it.

So, I've got lots of pretty detailed, though uncomplicated thought process wise, sewing to work on this morning. And this afternoon, I think I'll work on some more of the microwaved corn bags, which are neither detailed or complicated. On Friday last week, I cut and surged 15 of them, from an old unmatching sheet, and over the weekend I cleaned and dried enough corn to fill those. So today, I'll fill them, and surge closed the last side. Maybe next weekend I'll pick up some flannel, and make the outer covers for them after that.

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Blue Castle said...

Wow that looks neat already! Can't wait to see your finished project. :)

Julie said...

It does look pretty freaking sweet!

Bethany said...

Thanks. I'm hoping to post pictures of the finished applique this afternoon or tomorrow morning. I'm glad you guys are enjoying the progress.

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