Friday, November 21, 2008

A Quick Update

I've been writing articles for Associated Content these last couple of days. I've also been doing a bit of knitting and catching up on some deep cleaning, like the toilets and showers and tubs. The quilt is going well, I've got the top finished, and I'll lay out the backing and the quilting designs this weekend. I have converse with my co-designer, and figure out what kind of quilting or embroidery accents will go on it, if any. I'm using a layer of flannel in place of the batting, so technically, I don't have to do any quilting, because the flannel won't come apart the way batting would. It might come down to whether I want to put anymore time into this project. I do have some other big projects that should be finished before Christmas, like a denim quilt for Ben and his knitted vest.

Today, Ben's taking me out this afternoon to go see Twilight. Which I think proves he's the best husband ever, since he's willing to watch it, just for me. I'm pretty excited, we haven't been to the movies in a couple of months.

We have big plans for tomorrow as well. We're going to Sam's club to take advantage of their Holiday membership program and stock up on some staples, like bread flour, rice, and beans. And probably get our Thanksgiving turkey as well. We'll meet up with our friend, Ken, and get some lunch and then Ben wants to check out Rural King for a heated waterer for the chickens. They seem to be handling the cold fairly well, but Ben's concerned about keeping them warm enough once it snows. He says the warmer water will help a lot. We'll probably also pick up a shop light and a timer for in their coop, to help them stay warm and to give them more light through the short days of winter.

I'm running late today, I guess I've just been feeling kind of laid back and slow and time's gotten away from me, but I'd better get going now and get my lunch eaten and my afternoon chores finished, or I won't be ready to go when we head to town for the movie.

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