Friday, November 14, 2008

Small Doings

Cookies for a Bake Sale
Fall 2006
-----I've had a pretty productive morning so far. I've done my morning cleaning routine, taken the trash out to the road, and submitted another article to Associated Content. I'm feeling very accomplished.
-----I haven't decided yet what I want to do today. I'm at a pausing point with the quilt, because Ben has to help with the next step, which is to enlarge and transfer the MST guys to the fabric I'm using to applique them. I have all the fabric cut to size and pressed, and ready to go, so we'll do the drawing tomorrow, I suppose.
-----I might make some more corn warming bags this morning before lunch. I bought a forty pound bag of whole corn, thinking I'd make a couple for Ben and myself, and then feed the rest of the corn to the chickens. But the chickens don't like it and just leave it lying when I give some to them. Either they can't eat whole corn, or they're terrible ungrateful spoiled chickens. I'm leaning toward the latter. Anyway, that's a lot of corn to use up, so I'm planning to warm some cold relatives.
-----After lunch, I think I'll go visit with my elderly neighbor for a little while. I haven't been over there in a couple of weeks, and I know she's going to be wondering where I've been and saying that she kept hoping I'd come. Ugh to the guilt trip, but that's what old people do, I guess. And she's so sweet and lonesome, I really do want to spend time with her, if that makes her happy. And after that, I'm going to settle down with a movie and knit.
So I guess I have decided what I want to do today. :)

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