Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas Decorations

Wow, I was sore yesterday, but I didn't want to let any cramping or soreness set in too much, so I decided to keep moving most of the day. So, after I cleaned up a bit, I pulled out the Christmas decorations and got to work.

I decided to not to use the tree this year, since it's so close to Christmas already and we're going to be in Michigan for the week before and after. But I couldn't let my halls stay undecked. I decorated the front door, with my wreath and a string of lights. There are nails all around the door already from the last people who lived here, so that was really easy, I just had to hang them. And of course, the stockings, and the manger scene. So here's a look around at a few of my Christmas decorations.

My brother's wife gave this to us one of the first Christmasses we'd been married. Her mom makes these little snowmen guys our of chenille bedspreads, and she bought one for every one of us from her that year. Ben and I love ours because he looks like a cat burglar. The black hat makes him look like more of a thug than a festive guy, but in my mind, that makes him more loveable.

Every year, we like to play little games with him, like move him around the house in different poses. In AZ, I put him outside the livingroom window on a step stool, like he was casing the joint. And once, when Ben came to bed, I had him under the covers on Ben's side, using his pillow. Anyway, it's one of our odder traditions, but we really enjoy him.

My manger scene is sort of generic and doesn't have too much of a story to it. I got it clearanced after Christmas the first Christmas we were married. I absolutely love nativities, and if I had my way, I'd put them everywhere and have a million different kinds. But I do try to restrain myself, and only own big one. I have a few different Holy Family ornaments and candle holders too.

I lieu of the tree, I put a strand of lights and all the glass bulb ornaments here in my fireplace basket on the tree skirt. Our presents to each other can be put in the basket or around it on the floor.

This is photographic evidence of the reason that Pickles gets so surly and grumpy during the holidays. For some reason, she feels like we don't love her as much as we love Smudge and Columbo. It's not true, but you know how cats are, they get a crazy idea in their heads.....

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