Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Elves

I'm feeling pretty elvish today. I think it's the perfect day to set a bit of a secret workshop and finish up some gifts for Ben. Or maybe pull out the scrapbooking supplies and make all the Christmas cards.

I don't have any pretty pictures of finished objects to show off today, because yesterday was spent almost entirely at the Christmas luncheon with the Homemakers' club. I left around 10:30 and didn't get back home till about 4. I didn't even have to cook dinner, since I brought my leftover fried chicken from lunch home for Ben. It was a nice restaurant and some pretty tasty chicken! That's something I'd really like to learn to cook well myself: fried chicken. I'm usually concerned that I'm undercooking the chicken, or I end up drying it out way too much.

Today, I've been doing some weekly chores like cleaning floors and putting all the trash out. We put the last of the old moving trash out for the garbage men. Only a year of sitting in the garage, and it's finally gone! We gave boxes away, recycled them, sold them, and put them out for the trash... it took a long time to get rid of all that. So, it'll be much easier to get the garage cleaned up, now that there aren't boxes blocking the cabinets. I'm hoping to get that straightened out next week, so it'll be neater for the boy who's taking care of the cats and chickens for us.

Other than cleaning, today I'm going to be canning cranberry sauce with Ben and crocheting that baby blanket that I'm supposed to have finished before we leave for Michigan next weekend. I'm starting to think that I might have too many projects that I'm supposed to have finished before we leave for Michigan next weekend! You guys can keep track of how much I can manage to get finished.

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molly said...

I remember I went to a Ricky Skaggs concert a while back and he was talking about his mom's fried chicken, and he said her secret was at the end she dropped a whole stick of butter in the skillet with the chicken and oil!

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