Thursday, December 18, 2008

Making Patches on the Embroidery Machine

Recently, a friend my Father in Law works with gave him a jacket with their company logo on the back, but it had the friend's name stitched on the front. So instead of changing his name, my Mother in Law asked if I could make a patch with Howard's name on it, so she could sew it over the other name stitching. It's impossible to seam rip those machine embroidered things, so that was pretty much the only solution. Anyway, I took pictures, to show the process.
First I hooped a number of layers of water soluble stabilizer and stitched the running stitch outline of an applique. If you use heavy duty water soluble, you really only need one or two layers.

Then I laid a couple layers of plain white cotton on that and stitch the same outlines over again. This is pretty thin cotton, it was scraps from another project, but that's why I used more than one layer. Canvas would only need one layer.

After the outline stiches, I trimmed the fabric very close to the stitching all around. This way, the outer satin stitching can cover and finish the raw edge of the fabric, and the stabilzer gives the outer edges of the stitching something to hook into.

After that, I stitched the rest of the design, which consisted of a narrow zig zag satin stitch all around with two layers of a wider satin stitch, and then the name in the center. After that, I trimmed all the threads, punched them out of the stabilizer, soaked them in water to melt the stabilizer, and pressed them.

These can sometimes turn out a bit skewed because of all the layers of stiching around the outside, but can be pushed into shape when they're pressed. And I'm not to proud to admit that when I make a project like this, I will use an appropriatly colored sharpie to disguise the "whiskers" that can sometimes be leftover on the edges from trimming the fabric. It works pretty well.

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Blue Castle said...

Great tutorial! Now I know how to do this. Your patches look very nice.

Alison said...

she didn't want to change his name? Really, that seems like it would have taken less time than having you make patches. Oh well, to each their own :)

The patches look great. If I ever get a job as a mechanic I will let you know so you can stitch up a name tag for me

Bethany said...

Sarah, glad it was helpful. I have a few embroidery files that I designed for differently shaped patches that I could email to you if you ever want one.

Ali, I asked, was she sure she didn't want me to make them say Paulo instead? Guess it's less trouble to stick with Howard.

Nannies don't need name patches?

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