Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Making Your Own Embroidery Design

Here's a little demo on how I make my own embroidery designs using the pair of tea towels I made for my sister in law's gift basket.

When I'm making designs for friends and family that are not for profit, I usually start with a google image search of what I'm looking for. As long as I'm not making a profit or claiming a design as my own, I feel this is a moral use of copyrighted material. I usually end up with a photo that'll give me the general shape I want, and I go from there. I searched "monogram J" to find this image, which was a photo of one of those flags that you can hang in your garden or front yard.

I used some tracing software to make a clear line drawing of the image, but you could easily use tracing paper or just draw something freehand.

I then taped the paper to a window and traced the back side of the design with my iron on pencil. This gives me the reverse image for the iron on imprint. I go over it twice with fairly firm pressure to make sure there's enough transfer-y stuff on the paper.

I ironed this in place on my fabric, and then embroidered the design with my choice of colors and stiches. The picture isn't great, but the design was plenty dark enough for me to see and embroider it.
And here is the finished pair of towels.
I've gotten as many as five imprints from one transfer, and could probably get more, I just never tried. All in all, I love my transfer pencil, it's so cool. You can order them on amazon and on Joann's website. Here's an article I wrote that'll give you more details on making your own embroidery designs.

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Chantel said...

I must say I like the design. The towels look great.

Blue Castle said...

The tea towels are really beautiful! Great idea. :)

Bethany said...

thanks ladies! i'm glad you like them! i'm pretty happy with the way they turned out.

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