Monday, December 01, 2008

Salad: Day 1

Okay, that makes it sound much more dramatic than it really is. Honestly, I don't know why it's so easy for me to forget veggies in my meal planning, but I usually only serve a vegetable at dinner, with some carrot sticks at lunch maybe. And sometimes, I even forget that part. Because, honestly, the potato portion of a meal tends to be the most important for me.

Our strategy to make a salad everyday a workable goal is to make up the salad for a few days at a time, portioning them in re-used take out containers. (I saved all the ones we ever got from the awesome Chinese place by our house in AZ, and their just the greatest containers.) Anyway, have a salad already made and portioned and ready for me, definately makes it easier to pull it out as an afternoon snack or side at lunch. I don't like dressing, so I can spinkle on a little lemon juice if I want to, or just eat it as is. Ben likes a homemade vinagrette type dressing, so I use one of those little teeny tiny Tupperware cups with the lid, and put in some apple cider vinegar and a few drops of oil with cracked pepper, and he can shake it up and dress his salad at work when he's ready to eat it.

It's a really cold day today, and the snow is definately sticking, though it only snowed an inch or maybe less. Last night, after we drained the stock, I put it into one of my recycled bakery frosting buckets, snapped on the lid, and set it outside to cool down overnight. It hasn't been freezing or I may have thought ahead enough to realize that I'd just end up with a 6 quart block of stock-sicle. Anyway, it didn't break the bucket or anything, so I've got it in the garage to let it warm up to liquid, so I can skim it and portion it for the freezer. It's convienent that it's so cold outside and in the garage... It would have been pretty difficult fitting that much stock into the refrigerator.

I spent my morning knitting, and Ben's hat is almost finished. He's wants to fold the ribbing up, so I've got to make it an extra long one, but that's fine, because I want it to be extra warm. This afternoon, I put together a turkey pot pie from Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner tonight. There was enough filling for two more pies' worth that I put in the freezer. And I baked some applesauce muffins for this week's breakfasts. I tried a little experiment and cut back the sugar from 3/4 of a cup to 1/4 of a cup. I think they may be a tad dry, so I might want to try a 1/4 and a couple tablespoons next time. But I'll wait and see what the verdict is after the taste testing.

I draped out rabbit ears in tin foil today in an attmept to get all the channels to come in at once without having to move them around and adjust stuff in order to watch. It worked quite well, but now there's a crazy tacky sculpture-like thing in the corner of the living room, looking weird. I'm debating about experimenting with wrapping them in coils of copper wire instead. It would still look weird, but not quite as trashy, but I don't know if it'll up their power as well as the huge sheets of tin foil do.

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