Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Cold Wind

The temperature is dropping a lot this week, and the wind has been whistling strongly since last night. I don't think we'll get snow, it doesn't seem to snow much around here at all, and I know it'll be colder for my family and friends to the north, but it's plenty cold enough for me right now, and I'm planning on some oatmeal and hot chocolate for breakfast. And I'm planning NOT to go outside except for the absolutely needed trips to gather eggs and treat the chickens and get the mail. I think I might actually just watch a movie and knit for part of the afternoon. But first, I have to do my regular chores and put the kitchen back together after a bit of plumbing fallout from the weekend.

The drain pipes under the sink were leaking, so Ben took them apart to see what we needed (luckily it was just a couple of gasket ring things that had cracked) and on Saturday we picked up the parts and Ken came over to help Ben fix it all up. (I did reward him with fresh scrambled eggs on a baguette with melted cheese and let him pick any dessert he wanted me to bake. He chose apple crisp.) Anyway, Ben put a bucket under the drain in case we forgot and ran water. Well, it should have been fine, but while we were getting dinner, I forgot and ran water while I rinsed and scrubbed the dirt (and... stuff...) off the eggs for dinner. And the bucket overflowed and went all over the floor and in the cabinet. Ben was awesome and cleaned it all up while I cooked, but there's still the floor mats and rugs to wash and put back down. And I should take the opportunity to scrub the corners and the cabinets so it'll all be clean at once. But Ken and Ben fixed all the numerous leaks, and the sink it back to normal, so hopefully, no black mold and mildew under the cabinets for me!

It was actually a fairly eventful weekend. We spent Saturday with Ken finding a Mexican market and buying a tortilla press, and going to the Art Museum and seeing an exhibit of Abstract Expressionist painters, like Jackson Pollack. (Don't get me started on that exhibit! That should be a post all it's own. I almost wanted my six dollars back, but it did make me think, so I guess... eh, nope, I want my six dollars back.) We had lunch, and picked up some snacks, did a Rural King run and then we came here for dinner and plumbing.

Ken ordered a couple of feed sack gardening aprons for his mom and Grandma, so I'm planning to order a big spool of bias tape. It's a fraction of the cost if I buy it in bulk, and then I'll have plenty on hand to make some to sell on Etsy or maybe at the farmer's market this summer, if we rent a booth.

On Sunday, after mass, we took my mp3 player to Best Buy to see about getting them to fix a problem I've been having loading files to it. Instead of fixing it, they just replaced it under the warranty, so now I have a new 16 gig sansa player that I don't think I'll even be able to fill up. I also discovered that I can buy and rent movies from Amazon unbox to play on it. Not that I'd bother for regular use, but it might be a fun indulgence while travelling to rent a few movies. Mostly, I'm just happy to be able to listen to the free library audiobooks on an mp3 player again. I was just moving my laptop from room to room, but that doesn't really work in the summer, when I'm outside and walking around. Right now, I'm listening to Eat, Pray, Love and in turns enjoying it and trying to stop my rigid, judgmental ways.

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Alison said...

I read Eat, Pray, Love and liked 2/3 of it. For whatever reason I couldn't get into the whole middle portion where she goes to India, but other than that, I enjoyed it.

Mrs. Mordecai said...

I LOVE listening to audio books during the day. I have the same MP3 player, only with less memory. Have you tried LibriVox? They have tons of public domain audio books. I use them all the time.

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