Monday, January 12, 2009

Flirty Apron for My Sister In Law

While we were in MI for Christmas, my SIL Missy and I worked on making her an apron from the book, A is for Apron. We didn't have time to finish it, so i just brought all the pieces home with me to finish for her. I got it done last week, and it's on its way to her right now, since I sent it out on Saturday from the big post office branch in St. Louis.

I altered the pattern in the book somewhat just to make the construction more straigthforward and to change the fit a tad. I used 1/4 inch elastic instead of fabric ties to gather the upper edge of the bodice, and we added about an inch or so to the width.

Here are some pictures of me playing at modeling in the finished product. Don't mind my face, Ben was making me laugh.
We also added pockets to the original design. I just drew them using a ruler to make the equal and square, and I traced a cup to do the rounded corners on the bottoms. The rick rack is sewn to the right side, and then pressed out to finish the edges. I just topstitched the pockets on along that pressed line.
We used purchased eyelet lace instead of self made fabric ruffles to save some time. It's sewn between the two sides of the skirt, with the heading lined up on the seam line, then it gets pressed out as the skirt hem is pressed.
Since this pattern is reversible, the edges are all finished automatically with the lining/other side of the apron. So now Missy has a pretty flowered apron with green trim and a pretty green apron with flowered accents all in one!

I might make myself one of these as well, it's so cute. And now that I've done it once, I think I could do it from memory and more quickly. I particularly like the obi-like sash.

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molly said...

I want one! Seriously, could I pay you to make me one of those. . .I love the tie and the colors of the one you made. You are so talented!

How was your trip into the city? We went to Alton on Saturday to look at the eagles. If you haven't done that yet, you should. It is awesome. and you should eat at Woody's too. . .awesome dumpy diner food and cheap.

Every time we head out of town, when we see the arch, Thomas says, "that's MY arch!). It really is spectacular.

Julie said...


Anonymous said... are such a cutie and the apron is adorable! :)

Jennifer H. from FNDIN

Bethany said...

Thanks! I didn't pick out the colors, Missy picked all the fabrics and trims. I just helped with the amounts and kinds and such. It turned out really cute, and flattering, I think.

Molly, we had a great time exploring, though I'm not a huge fan of the exhibit we saw at the art museum. I don't know about eagles in Alton? Are they nesting there? How do you see them? Woody's sounds like a place Ben would love. We'll have to try it sometime.

Brigette Trudell said...

Beth... I never realized how much we look alike until I saw that bottom picture of you! We really could be sisters instead of cousins! I've got dark framed glasses now too.

I've been browsing along here in your blog when I've got an extra minute or two. You are an excellent writer! Seems as if you have quite a few talents to keep you busy!

Love ya!

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