Monday, January 19, 2009

A New Week

Well, we didn't get frozen out, and things have warmed up here a bit. It's been in the thirties through the week and is predicted to stay that way. It's sad that that seems warm, but it definately is when it comes to keeping the house comfortable, and the chickens comfortable, and the pipes unfrozen.

This weekend, Ken came by and he and Ben found the shut-off for the water to the upstairs, so now we won't have to worry about the pipes freezing. Then we made pizza and watched MacGyver. So that was a pretty good Saturday.

Yesterday we went to mass at the Our Lady of the Snows Shrine, because we had errands to run not far from there. I had things to return at different places, and then I needed to go to Joann Fabrics and pick up supplies to make pants for one of my cousins' son. I always really enjoy going to the Shrine, and their church is so light and bright, it's really nice to get to go there for mass.

I've got lots and lots of projects lined up for this week. I've been commisioned to make these pants for my cousin, because her little boy is really hard to fit otherwise. And at Rural King I bought a fleece blanket that was clearanced for $2.50 to make into a hunting shirt for my older brother. And then I'm planning to start at the top of my works in progress and work down from there. I want to make some clothes for myself, and finish the this and that type things that are piled in my sewing room.

I want to do some "spring" cleaning as well, before spring comes and I get too busy outside mowing and gardening. So, I'm planning to scrub the bathrooms top to bottom this week. And I suppose, if I actually am still motivated after that, I might rearrange some pictures or clean out the kitchen cabinets and replace shelf paper.

There's always lots of knitting to do too! I feel like I either am super slow at finishing things, or I plan way too many projects! How do you all keep yourselves on task, and get motivated to finish projects?

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Marion said...

Finish projects? Do people actually do that? Strange...I tend to finish things if they are small, otherwise, I work on them in spurts, as the mood strikes me. However, I do not do as much for other people as you do. Since they are for me, I can dawdle as much as I want to. :)

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

I'm glad you are staying warm! And man oh man, do I LOVE MacGyver! I just realized that we live in the same state, a few hours apart. That's cool!

I'm kind of like Marion...I work in spurts. I call it being a Tigger...I like to bounce from project to project until I get them done. There is just so much I like to do! :)

Melonie said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend and a great week to come. I hope you complete many projects!

Bethany said...

Tigger, that's a good one. Sounds like most people Tigger around on projects. I guess I get kind bored with one thing, I suppose. But I"m sure that part of the problem is that I've planned too many projects!

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