Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I just wanted to make a quick check-in, so you all won't think I've dropped off the planet, but it's been a crazy few days. I'll have to make a complete update later, but for now, here's today's crazy:

Ben was away last night and this morning when I got up, there was no water coming out of any of the taps in any part of the house! I called plumbers and they suggested calling the water company first to make sure it wasn't the meter. I called, but they still haven't gotten out here yet. I had all the taps open to relieve the pressure, in case it was the pipes, and there was not even a drip for an hour or two. Then, all of a sudden, there was a big rumbling/grinding/vibrating noise, and the water was back on in all the taps again. This frozen pipe thing is enough to drive me crazy! The water company is still going to come out and check that it wasn't a problem on their end. I've checked the crawlspace, and it's pretty warm down there, and I don't hear any dripping, so I'm pretty sure there's no burst pipes down there. Plus, our meter isn't running, so I doubt there's a leak.

Anyway, other than crazy water problems, I've got a pinched nerve or pulled muscle in my neck, so I'm planning a movie day with my heating pad. Don't feel too bad for me, it's the perfect excuse not to clean anything and to catch up on my favorite tv shows and netflix movies! I might even knit, if I can work out the kink in my shoulder.

Hopefully, I'll be back to business as usually here on my blog by tomorrow.

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