Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Better Day and A Toe Up Sock

Well, no frozen pipes today, and Ben's going to be back in town tonight. My neck is feeling a ton better, and the sun is shining. Things are definately looking up.

Yesterday wasn't all that bad a day actually, after the water came back on and I was sure there weren't any burst pipes. I got an America's Test Kitchen dvd from Netflix, and it was really great! The same people who make Cook's Illustrated Magazine and Cooks' Country Magazine make the show for PBS, and it is a really good cooking show. You can watch some samples of it free at their website. I seriously want to try the chicken and dumplings.

I knit quite a bit on Ben's vest yesterday, but since it's about a million millions of tan stockinette, I can't really tell. So today I've got the urge to work on something that I'll really be able to see some progress with. I pulled this toe-up sock out of my stash, and I'm hoping to finish it this afternoon. I started it quite a long time ago, but it had to get packed when we moved here from AZ, so it was sort of shuffled to the back and forgotten. I'm planning to do the cuff in a simple two by two ribbing, but I'm going to keep a single rib centered in the back and increase on either side of it for my calf. I'll just make it as long as I have yarn left in the skein. Then the only trick will be finding the magazine with the pattern in it, so I can make the matching one!

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siteseer said...

I've got to try socks - next project lol

Bethany said...

Socks are great projects! I just love them.

Blue Castle said...

I love America's Test kitchen. :)

I've been thinking about trying to make some socks, but haven't found any good yarn yet. I have one pair of handmade wool socks that I just love.

Alicia said...

Can you help me, i have a question about your double sided stockinette stitch, but i'm not sure how to contact you. Can you email me?

very much hope to hear from you soon

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