Friday, February 20, 2009

Breakfast Pizza

This breakfast pizza is our regular pizza dough recipe (we use the dough in this recipe), which is pre baked, then topped, and put back in the oven to finish. Ben topped his side with leftover Sausage Gravy, peppers, onions, leftover baked potato, soft cooked scrambled eggs and a little cheddar cheese. Mine is spread with homemade cheese spread, peppers, onions, soft scrambled eggs, leftover bacon, and some cheddar cheese. I gotta say, this was super yummy, and we both really enjoyed the leftover, re-heated portions as well, so it was a good make-ahead. The cheese spread on my side did get way too brown in the little spots on the edges where it wasn't covered by other ingredients, so that's something to watch.

I did get lots of my goals finished yesterday, but some had to be put on pause as well. I made up a batch of royal icing and colored some, then I realized that I'm out of piping bags. I tried using a ziploc instead, but it burst open, and I made a mess. So all the icing went into the fridge till I can get some real piping bags. (Yeah, I know that real pastry chefs fold them out of parchment paper, but I so cannot do that.) I'm going to get a couple of the reusable ones. I've wanted those instead of the disposable ones for a while, but I was waiting to finish the pack I had. That one pack lasted for years! Anyway, I got a few flowers piped, but most of them are terrible blobs, because I had very little control with the ziploc bag.

I did a lot of knitting too. It's a little discouraging just how long it takes me to knit an inch on this vest for Ben. It's a long way around on each row, with thin yarn. I don't know that I'll every knit a big guy sweater on size four needles again. But I really want to get this project done before spring. I'll feel good if I can finish at least one big knitting project in the winter. I never really have time to knit and sew in the spring and summer, with all the lawn mowing and such.

Today, Ben's got his check up with the dr, so I might tag along and go to the library and head to Michael's to pick up supplies for the cake decorating. I'm also going to make some muffins to share with our friend Ken, since he's coming over tomorrow. I guess we're all going to check out a farm store in the area. Sometimes I wonder about our sense of fun.

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Mrs. Mordecai said...

Wow, that looks like so much fun! I want to try it sometime. I think my family would like it, and what a great way to use up some leftovers.

Bethany said...

Mrs, it was really yummy too, and a treat even though it was mostly leftovers on a crust. I'll bet Red Chief would just love "decorating" his portion.

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