Monday, February 23, 2009

The Busy Season

Well, I realized this past weekend that the Winter is pretty much over for me starting now. No more lazy days of movies and knitting, I've got stuff to do.

Starting with the shower cake for my sil. I'll be working today on piping more decorations, since I got some piping bags, and I'm also rolling, cutting and baking cookies for the decorations, and coating and decorating those. I'm going to try freezing them and see how they hold up. If they won't freeze very well, I'll have to change my plan a bit, since I can't really keep them for three weeks.

Ben's birthday is at the end of this week. I bought him a present instead of making something this year, but I still might make him a little something and he wants a German Chocolate cake. With my big mixer broken, I think I'll make the cake part with a mix, instead of from scratch. But the frosting is the best part of German chocolate, and it'll be from scratch.

I'll be gone to visit family for a while for the shower, then I'll be back and it'll be my birthday, and then we'll be having company, and in April, I'm going to be sewing a First Communion Dress for my niece, and in May flying back to MI for the First Communion and to be her Confirmation sponsor (I'm very excited and flattered about that!). Also during that time, it'll be time to start seeds and prepare the garden and start mowing the lawn.

We're also thinking about starting to sell baked goods at the Farmers' Market, so that will add quite a bit of kitchen work this summer, if we do decide to try it out. Ben's got a very big garden planned this year too, so hopefully, there will be lots of work to do in preserving all our produce.

I haven't lived a seasonal life since I was in school, and that was usually the opposite sort of feeling, with winter being busy and summer being slow. It's a strange feeling to actually have a busy season, but I'm glad for it as well. As much as I really enjoyed my Jan/Feb reprieve of having lots of time for sitting and knitting and being slow, I really do like to get moving and get some more active work finished. I suppose my only regret is that I didn't actually get much knitting finished, though I'm still hoping to be able to squeeze some in here and there. I mean, no matter how busy we get, we still manage to watch a movie or two together most weeks. I'll have to be more like my knitting foremothers and take more to heart the line about not having idle hands.

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Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Hey Bethany! :) I like the new green. Sounds like you have a lot to do! I'm looking forward to seeing the cake and Communion dress. Happy B-day to Ben!

Bonnie Story said...

The Farmer's market idea sounds great. And I like the new background too! Sure is busy over here too. But not busy like you are! Will be fun to see that First Communion dress. Congratulations on the honor. Take care!!

Bethany said...

Thanks ladies, I wasn't sure about the green, but I like to change my colors every so often to match the season, and I'm gearing up for St. Patrick's Day!

I'm be sure to document all the First Communion sewing!

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