Friday, March 28, 2008

Contest Announcement!

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I've decided to join in all the giveaway fun I see going on at other blogs. My idea for what to give away came from a couple of blog archives I was reading that mentioned a problem with smelly dish cloths. I've never had that problem, so I decided I'd give away...

A Set of Seven of My Handknitted Dishcloths!
And Two Handknitted Scrubbies!

These dishcloths are sort of a tradition with my family. Everyone always prefers to use them over the store bought kind, and my mom and aunts make them every so often to pass out to all the rest of the family. They also happen to be the first thing I ever knit. In fact, making dishcloths like these is how I learned to knit!

The scrubby is 100% nylon, so it's safe for nonstick and cast iron. And the dish cloths are 100% cotton, so they're easy to care for. Just wash them in hot water with all the other linens. I always wash the scrubbies with the rest of the linens too. If they're very dirty, I'll rinse them well before throwing them in.

I think the reason that I never have smelly dishcloth problems is partly the make up of these knitted cloths. They dry quickly and don't seem to hold onto odor. I attribute the rest to the fact that I change my dishcloth each morning. That's why I knit a set of seven to go to the lucky winner!

How to Win:

I will randomly draw the winner from among all the entries. In order to enter, please leave a comment on this post telling me a good dishwashing tip or detailing your dishwashing eccentricities.

For instance, I'm very particular about the order I wash dishes. I have to get them all arranged and sorted on the counter before I even start washing. Then I have to rinse the sink before I fill it. When I begin to wash, I do all the drinking glasses and mugs first, then plates and bowls, then the silverware goes into the bottom of the sink to soak (all except sharp knives!), while I wash the plastic ware, like bowls and storage containers, then the silverware, the sharp knives, the mixing bowls, and the pots and pans last.

And now that I've just outed myself as a completely OCD dishwasher (anyone who's ever met my dad will recognize who taught me to do dishes), I expect similar confessions from all of you!

The Deadline to Enter is Friday, April 4th at 9pm Central Time.

Good Luck!

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Lynne said...

Wow! You knit your own dishclothes? I'm impressed!
Personally, I hate doing the dishes, but I do them none the less. I do have a few pet peeves when it comes to dish washing and the items surrounding the chore.
I hate it when my husband decides to use a dishcloth for cleaning something, i.e., the outdoor ceiling fan or the car. Excuse me, but that's why we have rags, use them!
I also don't appreciate when I just finish washing all the dishes, and scrubbing the sink to its shiny whiteness, only to have someone dump something into the sink and not bother rinsing it out. Hello? I'm not a maid, I don't appreciate having to do things twice!
Well, I'm not sure if this is they type of comment you're looking for in a contest entry, but I'd sure like to win! Those lovely dish clothes whould make an unbearable chore so much nicer!

Bonnie Story said...

Hello! I would love your dishcloths, I think that is so cool. I personally like to do glassware first, that's kind of a no-brainer, but then at the end I do silverware and set it upright in a mug or heavy glass that I just washed, and let the "business" end of the utensils sit up in the air while I finish up. Then I grab the utensils like a bouquet and with a quick ruffle of a drying towel, all the handles are dry and I can toss them all into their own slots quickly. I actually call it "letting God help with the housework" (smile) Glad I found your blog! (Entrecard strikes again) Have a great day! Bonnie

Amy Caroline said...

I love handmade dishclothes! They are the BEST! I make granny squares all the time for them.
I also do the same thing when washing my dishes, there is s certain order. But also you have to have the double sink. One side filled with hot soapy water and the other with warm water with just a spalsh on vingar to make the dishes streek free!
I used to LOVE my dishwasher, but they kept dying on me. So I decided from now on we handwash and our dishes are so much cleaner and our kitchen is cleaner too!

Molly said...

What a fun and nice thing to do! My dishwashing tip is really for the laundry: I use Dawn dish detergent to get those pesky grease spots out of our clothes. As for the dishwashing, I like to keep a sink full of sudsy hot water to put dirties in as I cook.

Thanks, Bethany!

trek said...

I love my hand knit dishcloths, too. I always wash the knives first and use Dawn.

I must admit that I currently have a dishcloth casualty awaiting repair: one of the knives got a little too friendly with the cotton. ;o)

Alison said...

well, I guess I lose. I absolutely refuse to handwash anything. Everything I have goes into the dishwasher. Maybe I'll win the next one.

Waterrose said...

Well, this isn't about dishwashing, but dishwashing soap. When I met my hubby, one day he was doing his laundry and I was talking to him, when he picked up a container of dawn dishwashing soap. He started squirting it on his shirt. I said, "what are you doing?" He told me how well it takes out a lot of stains, especially greasy ones. Well...don't you know it does an excellent job on removing stains!

Lisa said...

OMG - This is the first time I've ever seen my dishcloths and scrubbies mentioned online. I can't knit, unfortunately, but my mom makes these and they are so, so nice.

I don't want to enter your contest because I'm lucky enough to get both of these from my mom. I just had to comment to say how awesome they work and how lucky the winner will be to have them.


Bobbie said...

I have never in my life had a home made dish cloth. I would absolutely love a set of them. My husband and I have recently returned from the mission field in Haiti and we have been living with our daughter. We sold everything we owned before we moved to Haiti. So now that we are home. I not only don't own a set of hand made dish clothes. I don't even own one store bought dish cloth. When I do my dishes I of course always do the glasses first so that they don't get greasy. Then I do plates and bowls and then silverware and last but not least I do the pans. I really hope I win these.

Sister Brenda said...

Wow nice job and color on the dishclothes and the scubbies I'm never seen them..
My tip is anything that sticks in pan or glass bowl use ketchup on it and let it set for a few minutes then scrub rise and wash..
Would you please put me in for the drawing I will mention it on my blog..
Blessings Sister Brenda

chicory cottage said...

i actually like to wash dishes most of the time (i like to iron, too)...i don't like to wash dishes in a sinkful of water, though, as i cannot stand my hands to touch the floaty pieces of food i wash with a hot soapy cloth and rinse as i need to...i usually try to use seventh generation's dish soap (their mint and lavender combo is heavenly)...i guess from the description, i'm a wee bit OCD too when it comes to dishes...

SimpleFolk said...

Oh, these are so lovely! Please enter me. :-)

I know that any kind of dish soap will work, but my "thing" is the yummy smelling variety (Mrs. Meyer's especially!). I think I'm kind of addicted to it. It's like a little aromatherapy vacation at the spa. Well, not really, but a girl can dream. :-)

Thanks for such a neat contest.


CastoCreations said...

I'm impressed. We use those icky sponges (green and yellow) and they get so gross and stinky. Blech.

However I rarely wash dishes (even pre rinsing is a pain) and throw most stuff right in the dishwasher. Our dishwasher is pretty good because 99% of the time things come out nice and clean.

But hubby does wash with dish clothes and so does my MIL. I'd probably split these between us. :) They are gorgeous by the way. You are so flippin' talented!

Michele said...

Wow, your dishcloths & scrubbies sound wonderful! :) I would love to win them!
I do my dishes in the same order you do... Exactly!
(Although, DH usually does the dishes for me, since I do most of the cooking.)
Michele :)

schatzi said...

I love the colour of your dishcloths....I do not have a problem either with smelly cloths because I also change them every evening....after the days use, I quickly wipe the floor around the sink and under the table where the kids sit...rinse the cloth out and hang to dry inside the door under the the morning the cloth is dry and it then goes in the wash....I hate having anything wet in the hamper basket.

Thanks for doing this draw.


Melonie said...

Please enter me!

I was taught to do the glasses first and the heavy duty greasy stuff last - that way you start with the cleanest, most delicate items and work your way to the nasty grungy stuff so your good things aren't sitting in greasy water with clumpy stuff landing on them. (Although you'd think it'd all get clean ultimately anyway, but I think it's just the "ewww" factor.)

I think my most OCD thing is washing bottles. I have a little system for them where I get everything soaking in the water and then I wash each type of piece all in one cycle - like rings, caps, etc, one "type" of piece in a row, then the next type. I do the nipples last because they require both the large bottle brush and then the smaller brush, so I do them all with the large part and I set each one on the sink divider so I know what I've washed; then I knock them back into the water and do each one with the nipple brush. As they are done I set them in the right side so I know *those* are complete and ready to rinse.

Then I rinse everything and line them up on the towel or bottle rack to dry.

I know...weird. lol

Abi B said...

I don't know if it is a tip, but I won't use any dish soap but dawn. I just don't feel like the other soaps can match up to it. I've been married 22+ years and have never switched. I'm a die hard Dawn mamma. Last longer, cuts the grease, little bit goes a longggggg way.

Alissa said...

I use the dishwasher for most regular dishes, but usually when I'm cooking a lot, or baking, I wash the dishes by hand. Otherwise they fill up thd dishwasher and there's no room for the regular dishes! What I like to do is fill up the sink with hot, soapy water, and then when I finish with the bowl or pot or whatever, it goes straight into the sink. That way it keeps my work area tidy, and it makes clean-up a lot easier!

Thanks so much for the contest - I, too, like to change my dish cloth every day, but it seems I'm always running out! I just said to my husband the other day that I should try to knit some - and then I saw your contest. :)

Marianne said...

I am in the process of knitting my first dishcloth. I knit on a knitting loom. I like your scrubbies they look great.

My dishwashing secret is that my hubby does the dishes. I do the laundry. That is our division of labor. :-)

Gauntlets said...

I'm like you. I have my dishes lined up and ready to go before I wash them and I always wash them in the same way. It's nice to have something go according to plan, you know?

I also get really fidgety when other people wash my dishes; they never wash in the right order. So I have to tell myself, "Self, at least they're washing your dishes. Think of all the stress that's saving your hands!" Then I usually leave the room and practice my deep breathing. :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE using homemade dish cloths! They scrub better than any clothI've used and I think that they don't get smelly because air can circulate thru them. My dish washing tip is "baking soda". I use it to clean even the toughest of dishes. Sprinkle on a damp pot and let it set about 5 minutes to soften up the food. Spray a greasy dish with vinegar, let sit, sprinkle with soda and scrub - works for me everytime. Thanks for offering to give your wonderful dish cloths! I really hope I win them as mine are literally falling apart and it's another 2 1/2 months until the craft fair where I usually get them at is. Thanks again - Michele

Karen said...

I have to wash my glasses first. I can't think of them as clean if anything else has been washed ahead of them.

Anonymous said...

Such cute dishcloths! I agree, knitted ones are MUCH better. I also change my dishcloth at least once a day - sometimes twice. And I wash my glasses first too. Glasses, then I soak the silverware at the bottom while I clean the rest of the dishes, saving the greasiest pans for the last. It's not OCD - it makes sense! :)

S.B. said...

These are really cute. I've never tried knitted ones before.

Mary said...

I have a dishwasher so most of my dishes go in there. but I have T-Fal pans that don' go into the dishwasher so I do wash them and since they are supposed to be (ahem) non stick (which they aren't sometimes) I wash them by hand. I don't want the dishwasher to strip them. There are also a few other items that are too big for my dishwasher. Like my giant cookie sheets. Anyway that is my dish story.
Have a great day!!
God Bless You!

Jennifer said...

I don't knit, but I've attempted to crochet some dishcloths for myself, and it has not worked. Me and cotton yarn just do not get along very well for some reason!

I'm the same way with washing dishes, it all goes in a very particular order. Plates first, then bowls. Then glass/mugs, then silverware. Then the bigger storage type bowls, and finally pots and pans. And I get very annoyed when people bring me plates to wash when I'm already on the pots and pans.

Anonymous said...

Please enter my name in your drawing. What a nice thing to do!

My dishwashing tip comes from my husband. During dinner he cleans his plate so thoroughly that it sparkles and can be put back in the cupboard. He'll even take his last bite of bread and wipe it. LOL Just kidding, but he really DOES clean his plate.

Years ago my friend and I took knitting lessons. I am left-handed and the instructor was at wit's end with me. I couldn't do our homework assignments so my friend did them for me. She learned to knit and I dropped out of the class. She became a nun and I ... didn't. There's a lesson somewhere in that story. Ha ha!

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Our dishwasher is currently broken and we don't have the money to fix it, so we've been handwashing our dishes for about the last month!

We always rinse our dishes before we start washing, but we don't have an order for staking, perhaps we should as we've had quite a few accidents! We use a great soap called Miracle II soap, we use it on everything... dishes, hair, soap for hands and bodies, just everything, it's great!!


***Marilyn*** said...

My 3yo likes to 'click' chopsticks as if knitting.{sigh} I'm a disppointment to Her.I can't knit. I loose the plot after the 3rd-4th loop.

but I can cook and do laundry!! LOL.

eleanor joyce said...

Your dishcloths are lovely! My biggest dishwashing tip is to get the kids involved - early and often. I make dinner, and afterwards head to the couch with a cup of tea. The kids clean up. It may not be perfect - but it's getting better every year!

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